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entry 30 Apr 2009, 07:57
Recently I have been doing lots of smaller projects rather than big things. I felt that there had been many tasks that I needed to do that I had been putting off for a while that I needed to get round to. One of which was weathering my locos. When photographing a loco on the new BRMA sound demo layout I noted that what spoiled the picture, e.g. made it less real, was that it was clearly straight out the box; which it was, literally. I resolved to start weathering my stock immediately.

I have weathered quite a bit of rolling stock previously and had not yet done a loco. Probably due to the, ďthis loco cost me 200 quid and Iím reluctant to dowse it in gunk syndromeĒ. Anyway I got over it. My first effort was my new Bachmann Class 47 with sound. I donít normally go for diesels but the reason I got this was because I was looking at a sound decoder for my Class 31 and found that the new Bachmann Class 47 cost only twelve quid more than the sound decoder for the 31 and would also save some time farting around installing the sound. Once I got the loco I had to paint up the add on detail parts. Unlike some of the Hornby diesels the loco didnít come with pre painted detailing parts so you have to check pictures and pain the ends the appropriate colours. Once this was done I applied various weathering powders till the required effect was achieved.

Next up was my Hornby Class 31 however while examining the model to decide how I would go about it I noticed that the corners were cracking off. This is covered on a separate thread and weathering didnít get very far on this.

I had decided to do diesels first however due to an accident, fate determined that my BR52 Kreigslok would have to be next. Terrible shame. In war conditions these would not have been getting cleaned so they would have looked pretty grotty. Unfortunately there are few colour photos of that period so I have had to make do with what I could find. One thing I have found is that the red chassis and running gear of the German locos comes out really well with black turps based wash. It really highlights well the intricacies of the wheels brakes and underneath. The upper body and tender take the powders better. Giving a nice result.

Iím now getting onto the rolling stock hauled by the BR52. I have ordered a few items to add to this train but have been waiting a while for these. The plan now is to work my way through my previously neglected rolling stock and add on all the detailing parts I can and weather them appropriately.

In addition I have also added more to the Plockton station scene. I flattened the platform more as it was a bit too rutted. I have ordered lamps and power boxes to add to complete the scene. Iíll make the signs myself. I've made the stuff to go on the signs to print off so just to paint the signposts and boards and add them to the scene. The country side is a bit more full with forest floor covering and a few trees.

Round the front I have painted black the boards so that it provides a greater contrast between the boards and the layout. Sort of brings it out a bit.

Here's a few more shots of the BR52 on the BRMA sound demo layout to finish.


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