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> DCC Concepts 2016 Product Announcements
Posted by dwb - 18-04-16 10:59 - 89 comments

DCC Concepts plans for 2016

Alpha Panel

  • Directly usable for NCE, Roco and Lenz
  • Usable for both NCE Power Cab and NCE Power Pro Systems with switch on PCB and clear LED indication of Power Cab Power availability
  • 50% more panel connections front and back
  • Much nicer quality of presentation than previously available bus panels

  • Accurately reflects DCC decoder positions no matter how they are changed (Command from Alpha, DCC System, Computer OR route macro or software)
  • ZERO soldering and cutting of wire + Specially designed push fit LEDs
  • Pack = Mimic + 24x LEDs. Connects to any track bus with just 2 wires.
  • 100% usable with ALL DCC Controller brands with NO interfaces.
  • Red, Green or Red + Green LEDs available. Spare 24x LED packs available. Outputs can handle many LEDs - link with plug and play adapters...

Alpha-MIMIC ground signals

  • Each pack includes MIMIC controller, 12 height adjustable signals & all leads.
  • Signals will be simple but Accurate ~ as close to scale as possible in all areas.
  • 4 models are in preparation, Pre WW2 red/green, Late LMS~BR 3-light type, Modern UK 4-light type and a generic US 2-light red-green type.
  • Each signal is pre-wired and can be connected with NO soldering, NO wire cutting and NO possibility of accidental damage from wrong connection...
  • Add-on Signal packs are available in packs of 12 at really good pricing!
  • MUCH LATER... we will add full working Disc Semaphore types!

Cobalt - SS

  • Intended for above-board use.
  • Will be Dark Grey, not Blue.
  • Will be usable by DC & DCC modellers with NO need for options!
  • Has a separated control PCB that handles TWO motors
  • Will ONLY be supplied in packs of 2, 6 and 12.
  • Is LESS than 22mm x 14mm in core dimensions.
  • Is controlled by a "Stepper motor" and DC/DCC electronics.
  • Is simply adjusted for each scale and NO complex settings.
  • Is linked to a turnout very simply with fine wire links.
  • Requires any point springs to be removed.
  • Packs will include control PCB(s); One each accurate N, OO & O scale Westinghouse EP pneumatic point motors; A selection of linkages suitable for N, OO & O scale (both close & distant links); all mounting screws, detailed instructions etc...

DCC Working Point Rodding

Cobalt-SS will perhaps change the way people thing, and several SS will fit comfortable into an OO signal box... So... we decided to make "Very-close-to-scale" working point rodding.

  • Square rodding (wire) as per the most common prototype.
  • Brass Point Rodding Stools (Plastic is just too fragile as they are TINY).
  • Pre-assembled Brass cranks and compensating cranks.

  • Proper bullhead rail
  • Perfect height match for PECO code 75 trackwork for easy integration.
  • Manufacturing economical pointwork with NO pre-insertion of rail.
  • Maintaining both scale AND "space-related" usability for average modellers.
  • Detail to satisfy the most discerning modeller - points have more than 15 different chair types, rails inclined at 5 degrees ... etc... etc.
  • Creating a scale look with narrowest possible flangeways while also accommodating POOR consistency in Back-To-Back measurements of RTR rolling stock.

DCC Concepts UK Office coming soon

DCCconcepts is an extremely enthusiastic and very committed member of the Model railway manufacturing community and in concert with the efforts of our distributors Gaugemaster Controls Ltd, we have enjoyed considerable growth in the United Kingdom over the past few years.

Whilst we like to think that much of our success has been because we look at product differently, thinking constantly of the end-user rather than the technology, we must also acknowledge the positive support of the Hobby Press and the willingness of the Modelling Community in the United Kingdom to embrace our products in equal measure, as without the help of both, success would elude us.

Our own somewhat UK-Centric focus, plus the still largely un-tapped potential of Europe and the USA, both of which are better serviced from the Northern Hemisphere, have been in our minds for some time.

So… Some time ago we advised some of you that we intended to establish an operating base in the United Kingdom and we would now like to bring you up to date with some very real progress in those plans.

Such a sea-change takes time and encompasses a very broad set of actions.

Whilst we will not change our relationship with Gaugemaster who will continue to represent us, it will of course involve significant change in DCCconcepts and the way we interact with all levels of the UK market.

In a product evolution sense:
  • It brings us “Closer to home” for much of our research and Beta testing.
  • It gives us far more convenient and direct access to essential prototype information.
  • It brings us closer to our many friends in the hobby.
  • It allows us to speak more directly to all who need to learn more about our hobby.

In a distribution sense…
  • It will mean very positive changes in the retail pricing of our products for DCCconcepts clients.
  • It will mean a truly UK presence both physically and online
  • It will improve the quality of our communication at all levels
  • It will bring high-level customer support closer to home for every re-seller and all end users.
  • It will give retailers and users of our products access to deeper technical training
  • It will mean establishment or language support for European clients
…and of course:
  • VERY importantly, it will also mean a change in our face-to-face relationship with all of you.
  • Where will we be located? We will be Located in Settle, North Yorkshire. Details will follow soon.
  • When will we act? We’ve confirmed the premises. Opening will possibly be July or August.
  • What will our first steps be? Establishing a quality set of offices, distribution centre and showroom.
  • How will we interact? UK distribution, European distribution and US distribution will all happen
    from our UK offices. We will of course be employing UK modellers to keep our core focus as it has always been… “Modeller to modeller”.
    We also hope to find time to create a real improvement in the level and quantity of support materials, increase UK customer service and add European Language skills.

Why Settle? In part because it’s a place with great atmosphere and even greater railway links. In part because the Settle and Carlisle is an important part of our own modelling mojo but also… because the Settle &Carlisle is another important success story that has “Defied the odds” and been kept alive with strong, loyal support since its inception as a “Cheeky Midland Railway Commercial Venture” in the 1870’s so it feels like “Home” to us!
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> Dean Goods 23xx From Oxford Rail
Posted by dwb - 24-01-16 10:21 - 46 comments

Oxford Rail have announced their next locomotive for OO - the Dean Goods 23xx. The tooling for this model is already developed.

You can read more details on their website at this page

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> Oxford Rail's Adams Radial tank arriving next week
Posted by dwb - 19-11-15 20:57 - 0 comments
This model from Oxford Rail will be arriving in the shops next week (23rd November)

For more details and a larger photo visit http://www.oxfordrail.com/
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> Roco Accessory Catalogue 2015/16
Posted by dwb - 24-09-15 20:14 - 0 comments
Roco's accessory catalogue for 2015/16 is now available on the Roco website - http://www.roco.cc/en/news/catalogs/index.html

Two things caught my eye:
* The range of accessories available for Z21 is looking quite complete now
* A free to use editor for creating your own driving cabs is now available for download. It is a Windows program

There are other interesting bits and pieces such as small electrical connectors which have applications beyond continental models.

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> Adams Radial 4-4-2T
Posted by dwb - 8-11-14 13:50 - 115 comments

Oxford Diecast have announced the launch of their first model railway locomotive under the Oxford Rail banner. For some years the development team at 'Oxford' have been examining the possibilities of producing accurate and detailed models for the UK model railway market and have now decided that the time is right to launch the first model, under the Oxford Rail banner.

The first 00 scale Oxford locomotive will be the much admired Adams Radial 4-4-2T Class 415 of the London and South Western Railway. This new Oxford division will not just release random locomotives, however; a detailed plan of future releases is already in place.

CEO Lyndon Davies explains, "I, along with my development team, have for several years been closely monitoring the model railway field, especially in the UK. I now believe that the time is right for Oxford Rail to enter the market, but I am not interested in just introducing the occasional locomotive model. We have a rolling planned introduction program based on extensive market research, as well as talking to (and listening to) railway modellers. I am determined that Oxford Rail will be judged on the integrity and the quality of our models that we will be offering. Our first exciting model is the Adams Radial, Class 415 designed by William Adams in 1882 for the London and South Western Railway. It continued in service with the Southern Railway and British Railways. Although the intention was to withdraw these locos by 1929, three remained in service on the Lyme Regis branch line until 1962, and one survived on the Bluebell Railway.

The model will have the following features:

  1. 5 Pole skew wound motor
  2. DCC Ready - 8 Pin
  3. Geared for slow prototypical operation
  4. Sprung Buffers
  5. Detailed Cab Interior
  6. Weighted Chassis for extra pulling power
  7. All over spray with precision printing
  8. NEM Couplings
  9. Pickups on all the wheels
  10. 1:76 Scale

More new model railway items will be announced in the near future, not all of them locomotives. The Adams radial will be launched in the first quarter of 2015". 

The Oxford Rail website www.oxfordrail.com is now active, with updates on new introductions and their development. All enthusiasts and modellers will be invited to comment. Oxford Rail products will be available through all good hobby shops and specialist outlets.

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