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Welcome to the Model Rail Wiki - A collaborative project by Model Rail Forum members.

This wiki is intended to be used by Model Rail Forum members and model railway enthusiasts as an online resource of information, tips and help pertaining to the model railway hobby. It has been created to provide a repository for all the great ideas that have been aired on Model Rail Forum over the years. The Wiki software allows articles to be formatted in style better suited to reading, has useful cross referencing features and a more focussed search facility.

If you are interested in contributing to the Wiki, please see the Account creation page. It will take a while for the style and organisation of the Wiki to settle down as it populated with articles. For some ideas of the type of article anticipated, take a look at Article types on Model Rail Wiki. If you think you have something to contribute but are not sure where to start, take a look at this list of pages which have been referenced but not yet created. See Wiki Editing FAQ for a very rapid Quick Start introduction to creating pages.

Exploring the Wiki

The following navigation methods can be used

For beginners, perhaps a good place to start is the Getting Started category section.

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