About the Hornby Magazine forums

Hornby Magazine and its staff are delighted to team up with the Model Rail Forum to bring readers of the magazine closer together. The new Hornby Magazine Forum will allow readers to exchange ideas, ask questions of the editorial team and comment on what they like and dislike about the magazine.

Any magazine is only as strong as its readership and we hope that through this new forum we will be able to listen to what readers would like from Hornby Magazine so that we can continually improve its content. Editor, Mike Wild and Publisher, Paul Appleton, will be on hand to answer specific questions that readers may have and it is planned to announce dates when Mike will be live on the forum to answer readers’ questions instantly.

As the forum develops, new features and themes will be added. Let us know what you would like from Hornby Magazine, its forum and web site to help you get the most from your hobby.


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