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entry 27 Jan 2011, 12:43
This view shows in the foreground the 12 arch viaduct between Culworth Junction and Ashby Brackworth on the left, the 4 track twin tunnels are below lead through to Towcaster in the distance, the high level is the GCR where some wagons are sitting in the long loops up there, to the right back is the brewery

Behind the viaduct to the right is the woodside area with water mill and transport cafe and the high viaduct and Queen Alexandra bridge is out of shot to the right, the fiddle yard cannot be seen and above this the high level is yet to be completed.

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post 3 Mar 2011, 21:23
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Those viaducts, along with the rest of the layout, look amazing, do you have to stregthen them to take the weight?
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post 4 Mar 2011, 09:37
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The viaduct is the standard Metcalfe production, usually there is 4 arches and two long sections per pack which have stiffeners but when you build them like this you see just the stiffener at one end, so it uses 3 kits of 4 arches each and they are glued together, I then make the road bed to overlap, also the side strips add some stiffness and it is important to ensure the parapets are added as they help too.

You need plenty of glue as Metcalfe card absorbs the stuff like a sponge but it seems very durable as all Metcalfe kits are. The kits will handle heavy locos statically such as Wrenn 8F and Duchess so load is no trouble, track is more a problem because you cannot track pin thus I lay cork strip inside the walls which is painted grey and the track is glued to this so I can lift the track anytime and the viaduct is still intact and undamaged and the track width is set, also this stops rolling stock hitting the parapet.

At the right the viaduct passes onto a plate girder bridge and the support is 12mm MDF simply wrapped in blue engineers brick papaer from Metcalfe, the viaduct deck is 132mm high so the support was 129mm to allow 3mm for the thickness of the bridge deck being hardboard, the painted cork bed continuing until the track gets to the other side of the bridge when it runs onto my Cranflex.

Another photo shows the standard kit but extended to 232mm deck height which is not perfect but works from a distance, I have also used these kits for retaining walls and for the bridge over the end of the high station that has the island platform again with brick paper used to make up sections.

Glad you liked it.
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