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Murder on the Tracks!

Starting To Make Tracks...

The track for the layout will be built with 2mm Finescale components, but to N Gauge Standards. This will hopefully give the best of both worlds.

2mm Scale track has a much more attractive appearance, but the larger radius of the 2mm Standards mean that it wouldn’t be possible to create a full loop layout in the space available. Building to N Gauge Standards is a compromise which allows the tighter curves that are require to build the layout.

Using the full scale template now glued to the baseboard, the sleepers can be glued down quickly and accurately.

PVA Gorilla glue has been used because it is both very strong, and waterproof. Later on I will be using scenic treatments that will use water, and I don’t want the sleepers to loosen and lift off.

The only slight disadvantage is that the PVA Gorilla glue dries to a natural colour which is not completely clear, like other PVAs. There will be times when I will need to use PVA that dries clear, but for most other jobs the benefits outweigh the disadvantages of this excellent, but slightly off-colour, glue.

The sleepers are from the 2mm Scale Association and are made from the same material as electrical printed circuit boards (PCBs). The reason for using this material is that one side has a thin sheet of copper laminated to it. Using these type of sleepers means that the rails can be soldered securely to them. The sleepers have a small isolating gap in the centre to ensure that there won’t be a short circuit between the two rails.

The next step will be drilling the holes in the baseboard for the track wiring to pass through, and then soldering the rails to the sleepers.

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