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O Gauge DCC System for Large Layout 26 x 16 Ft

As a Club Member involved in building a new O gauge Layout of 26ft long by 16ft wide.
It has two circular roads with a freight loop and factory siding alone with a eight road fiddling yard.
We hope to have a least 7 - 8 locomotive available on track at the same time, this will include some heavy dual motored diesel locos

The lay out had be wired primarily for DCC working of locos only, signalling / turnout are to be powered via a separate power supply.

Can anybody suggest a good DCC system to cope with the layout demands.

We have preference for wireless controller to avoid getting entangles with controller cables.

Some of the member are concern about reliability / supplier support due the high cost of these items.

Can any member make any suggestion please.


by: Grant roberts on 30 Oct 2014, 18:44

I am new to DCC however have the Hornby e-link computer controlled and on the face of it looks more than capable of handling your layout

by: Norman Young on 1 Nov 2014, 11:36

Re my blog dated 27/01/2014 concerning a DCC system for our Club layout.
during our investigation we where informed by several sources concerning the radio frequency used by NCE system had not been sanctioned for use in the UK, does anybody have further information.
However we settled on the Gaugemaster system in the end having a larger power capacity.

by: dwb on 2 Nov 2014, 09:18

does anybody have further information.

I don't have specific information relating to the NCE system but the context is this.

Use of the radio frequency spectrum is regulated by governments (eg USA) or trading blocks (eg EU). This is divided up into bands for use by different groups - TV, radio, emergency services, "unregulated" etc. and woe betide anyone who operates kit in the "wrong" band. The division of these radio frequency bands in the different jurisdictions does not always match so there is a danger that kit from the US which uses a particular band may not fall into the similar usage band in the EU. Anyone operating such US kit in the EU would be liable to sanctions particularly if it was shown to cause problems for legitimate users of that band.


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