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North Derbyshire Railway Co.

Cleaning the rails

A lot of rail work going on this weekend. So not a mountain to show. I have probably laid down a third of the basic track. I have been recycling a lot of the track I pulled off the original layout, which had been sitting in a storage unit for a couple of years. I managed to hook most of them into the main bus. So far my levels seem to present no problems to my one working loco pulling a few carriages.

However, I have now been cleaning the rails up as there was a lot of stuttering and dead spots. I took a very fine sanding blcok to the rails and they immediately turned gleaming bright with only one or two passes. This has aided the running immensely, although there are still some dodgy areas that require a little work. Likewise one of the point areas is both not quite aligned and not quite as clean as it could be, so a bit more endeavour required there.

All in all though I am now further forward than I had been on the previous layout, with a pretty good moving train along the tracks. So I take that as a big win and a motivator to keep keeping on. Next effort will be getting track through the main tunnel and getting that girder bridge fixed in place. Not sure whether the river should be filled with "water" first though.

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