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North Derbyshire Railway Co.

The Yards Redux

I laid a lot of track this weekend and connected a lot of droppers. I'm only three lengths now short of getting the mainline finished. The last section to work on today was the yards (or Langwith Junction). In its heyday its was a hopping place.

I am going for a modest pseudo re-creation, with enough lines to keep wagons stacked up in public view, but without some of the additional more intricate trackwork. Who knows it may develop over time. Six lines going in with room for a seventh if required. It may even be possible to run it back through to the mainline on the very outer line once I get it in. Not sure if it's necessary or even possible. Onwards and upwards, with each session in the workshop a new learning experience.

Looking back, five years ago on the first attempt at a similar layout this is what the yards were looking like. It's similar, but I do believe I have actually moved forward!

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