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North Derbyshire Railway Co.

Manning the barricades

It's always like Christmas when a parcel from Hattons arrives in the Antipodes. Not only that but a long awaited parcel from Metcalfe arrived the same day! I can see my nights being fully blocked out for awhile now.

Of note, a 12 pack of DCC Concepts SS turnout motors, some Peco Shirebrook Colliery wagons and the shops and retaining walls for the false tunnel up the Bolsover/Chesterfield end. As well as a load of additional scenic items.

So tonight was all about getting the walls in place to create a bit of solidity to the somewhat anemic upper townsite.

Ran a strip of stiff card around the outside to give the walls something to grip. Primarily because they won't be running dead straight, but on a slight bend to create the curve.

A quick test fit and trimming of some overly long edges and I was good to stick it down. I like the effect. Obviously still a lot of touchups to do, but they can wait until I have the whole upper deck ready for final trim. And of course needs an interior at least to the first couple of inches of tunnel.

I am hoping to put in a footbridge from the base of the station up to the top deck to create some connectivity, as well as a road coming down along the backdrop edge.

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