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North Derbyshire Railway Co.

First Test Runs

The Farish Rebuilt Scot arrived yesterday which finally gave me an opportunity to start adjusting the slopes based on a reasonable passenger train configuration. Finally got a loop configured on my hills to undertake some trials. As expected a couple of my inclines were still a little steep, but not by much. Over a couple of hours I gave her a run around at various speeds, directions and loads.

I must say that this engine is an absolute dream in comparison to the Dapol A1. I ordered it with a Bachmann simple 2 function decoder just to get it up and running and it did just that. I like the way there engine does not rely on a scrawny little drive shaft between tender and loco, and I also like the man-sized worm screw sitting in there. Chugs along like a trooper with a nice smooth, slow movement and seems to have a bit more grunt up hills. Not only that the special at Hattons meant it only cost AU$105-$110 delivered, half the price of anything around this little part of the world!

This weekend will be spent adjusting the slopes and hopefully laying a little more track bed once I have got them right. It's interesting how easy it is to fool the eye into thinking you have quite demure hills, when in train terms you have the equivalent of a track running up Ben Nevis. A bit of extra work, but worth it in the long run so that I can hopefully run most stock on most routes if desired. My main goal is to ensure the trains of note run on their specific loops - coal trains can negotiate the coal fields, local shuttle has no problem on the small stations and the expresses can make the mainline look smooth and easy.

So far so good - just glad I didn't get the urge to put on that plaster cloth too early, despite the temptation.

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by: dwb on 14 Jan 2012, 20:18

The train does look the part thumbsup.gif


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