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North Derbyshire Railway Co.


So with Bolsover coming along in Market Place and the Pit it seemed fitting that they deserved a station in keeping with the burgeoning prosperity of a coal town. Not one to shirk my civic duty I began construction of platforms, firstly by templating the area in paper.

Once I jumped in it was surprisingly easy to build something of the desired shape using the Metcalfe platform kit. Not perfect, but pretty close for a first attempt. Of course, needs a bit of aging, but at least the small town can now get on to Chesterfield and further afield if need be. Not sure about the bit that abuts the tunnel. In reality this would probably not be designed this way,so there probably isn't a neat way to finish this off. I suspect it would normally push up against a brick retaining wall that would form part of the tunnel entrance structure. Ce la vie.

I also got hold of the station news stand mini kit, also from Metcalfe. I must say as my first mini kit I was a little disappointed. At GBP4 it was exceedingly tiny in its proportions. One laser cut card about 3 inch sq to be exact. The instructions were bigger than all the components of the kit by about three times. Never mind, it took all of ten minutes to stick together and it adds a little bit of pizazz. Though unsure I would pony up for another one in the series.

Still need to do the brick wall at the back of the station.

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