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North Derbyshire Railway Co.

Catching Up

A few details being tied off this weekend. But this morning was spent at the AMRA WA open day, with all their wonderful layouts on show. Haltwhistle in particular being a favourite of mine, a 40s/50s OO gauge set in Yorkshire which was first started being built 30 yrs ago and is still being added to here and there. Certainly creates an impetus to get to it.

As I was grocery shopping on Friday I noticed the scourer pads. Green, thin, wiry and cheap (70c a packet). Give it a whirl I thought. And so began a quick test into hedge rows.

Even if I make full height hedges out the whole pack, by my calculations I reckon I would get about 93 scale km out of this for around $2, even factoring in the cost of scatter. Pretty good deal - if it worked.

Easy enough to cut with scissors

Used my normal 1:2 PVA glue mixture, and a mixed Woodland Scenics scatter.

Looked pretty good, then put a pinch of a fine yellow scatter on for variation. I was fairly happy with these, but they took an age to dry out because they are so absorbent of the glue.

Once dry though they retain their flexibility both on the vertical and horizontal plains, meaning they go round corners and up and down hills. I haven't stuck any in place yet, but the below gives an idea of the end result. Possibly needs another coating.

Oh, also finished the roads to the hamlet of Stony Houghton. I'm getting the hang of the road laying now.

Then it was onto filling some gaps with polystyrene. I had a few noticeable holes where the rail beds were sitting above the ground levels. Luckily ever since I moved house I have been saving anything packing that came with anything I bought, so I have a goodly supply of stryofoam. Armed with a trusty hotwire I set about slowly trimming two bits of foam into shape. Glued them down and finished the day with a coat of paint.

I definitely prefer wood and mdf over foam, but it certainly has its uses. You can't really see the end result here, but it looks good enough to cover with grass now.

A good couple of days work, on and off, amongst gardening and riding.

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