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North Derbyshire Railway Co.

Tracks down

Had a bit of time off this week and spent it avoiding the cold and rain by laying tracks. Pleased to say I now have all the core rails now down and wired. And what's more I have trains running on all of them quite smoothly. The final piece of the puzzle was the colliery lines. Had a minor conniption when I turned the power back on after connecting the droppers to the three new lines and got a power conflict. Took a little while but I narrowed it down to one line which is now isolated. My only guess is that some glue under the rails is still damp and forming a short circuit. I will wait it out for a day and see if it remains. Other than that I can now concentrate on the modelling, which is to me the more interesting part of the game. I have a mountain of scenic items to construct, starting with the Chesterfield townsite.

With trains running there are still some lumps and bumps that need ironing out. A little filing here, soldering there, gluing. She'll be right mate, good as a bought one.

I have some DCC Concepts SS turnout motors on their way to prevent me having to shuffle rapidly around the layout to set points. Whilst this keeps me fit, it is an activity I would rather avoid.

One of the issues that some will no doubt see is the use of a wye style layout, that causes short circuits of the power bus. How have I overcome this. At the moment it is limited to some insulating fish plates at two key points. I also have an old PSX-AR that I will hopefully get around to installing to cater for the auto reverse conflict. For the time being the straight piece of track running at the right of the wye is inactive. But looks nice biggrin.gif Likewise, there is an uninstalled through line/siding from the yards back to the mainline. All catered for, just haven't connected it up yet.

Also I haven't figured out how to embed flickr videos into these pages yet, but here's a link.

Whilst I was busily running back and forth from controller to switches to derailments, I thought maybe there was some help to be had with my phone. Low and behold there is an app on Play Store that allows me to control my ECOS remotely! Probably old news to most people, but a world of difference to me that saves having to buy a remote cab. Works a treat with locos and switches - ECOS Controller by Erkan Valentin. And it's free... Love those kind of bargains.

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