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I like it! Is that Valencia Blue? Cheers Graham

Posted by: Graham Clutton
On: 19 Sep 2010, 10:12
Lovely pic thumbsup.gif of some very good models. The ground work is particularly good, the buildings rise up out of the earth, not float on top of it.

I look forward to more smile.gif


Posted by: dwb
On: 18 Jun 2010, 20:38
very impressed with the service pits. are they kit, rtr model or scratch built?

Posted by: Da7thSon
On: 6 Jan 2010, 16:04
This is one of my favourite images from your layout. It looks amazing and very realistic - you just imagine you are driving past in a car and looking out over the fields at a little town in the distance. Magic. thumbsup.gif

Posted by: BrianAdams
On: 21 Dec 2009, 00:42
wink.gif A very interesting layout my friend.... I like the way the track looks on the dark baseboard... thumbsup.gif

I hope to get started myself, after xmas, and your track plan has given me some interesting ideas to ponder, over the xmas dinner and pud...!!

Merry Christmas to yourself and your family and hope 2010 brings some new additions to the 'railway room' dribble.gif

Kindest regards from the north coast of the Emerald Isle.....
Brian - aka - BarneyElf.

Posted by: BrianAdams
On: 11 Dec 2009, 23:17
Is this a kit, or is it scratchbuilt? It's a beautiful model, really nice to see that its not just me who puts people inside their models wink.gif

Posted by: Valenta125
On: 10 Nov 2009, 07:10
To do: pavements, road markings, street lamps and signs.

Posted by: B B Beyer
On: 31 Oct 2009, 23:58
excellent items.... good range of light levels looks useful.

Posted by: TidzaBoy
On: 26 Oct 2009, 16:51
Chimney pots, paving and signage to add.

Posted by: B B Beyer
On: 12 Sep 2009, 15:04
There's something (no idea what) about this photo that makes it REALLY look like a model!



Posted by: Guest
On: 9 Aug 2009, 16:45
QUOTE (Jennings @ 7 Mar 2007, 14:48)
Its OO ... And i doubt it would even get round radius 2 curves lmfao.gif

will it be like the pendolino and struggle to get round third radius curves.

Posted by: Guest
On: 22 Jul 2009, 08:44
hello again, can you tell me how you get the ballast looking so good, im new to this hobby and have a 8 x 4 chipboard sheet with insulation board covering it to pin the track to (cheaper than sun dealer), i was going to cover with a grass matt sheet but not sure, i can scrape the grass off before i lay my track but how to put ballast on, what about that foam stuff you put under the track, i was told to avoid it as it pushes the track and pins back out after a time. any help appreciated, and your layout looks like how id like mine, superb..stuff cool.gif

Posted by: Guest
On: 12 Mar 2009, 23:45
hi, just a quick question, is this a good wine or are you joking about the poo name, smile.gif
where did you get this wine, cheers.

Posted by: Guest
On: 12 Mar 2009, 23:40
clap.gif Now this is what I call detailed modelling - brilliant result..
regards ........Brian

Posted by: BrianAdams
On: 7 Mar 2009, 23:51
ohmy.gif Now that's what I call a hairy moment !! nice one dribble.gif
regards ....... Brian

Posted by: BrianAdams
On: 7 Mar 2009, 23:48
Imagine working on this scale !!! There would be some 'green dyed ' sawdust needed to cover this area !! Great distance shot. thumbsup.gif

Posted by: BrianAdams
On: 3 Mar 2009, 22:51
I wonder what the old peasants, soldiers' and kings who resided in this castle in days' of yore would think of the great iron horses' that were trundling by at their front door, if they were to come back from the grave?? Beautiful, historic and picturesque. clap.gif

Posted by: BrianAdams
On: 3 Mar 2009, 22:48
wink.gif Fantastic shot of powerful lady. It was worth the wait.

Posted by: BrianAdams
On: 3 Mar 2009, 17:33
Isn't it wonderful to see how many people in a crowd always produce a camera when something exciting is happening!
This is a brilliant shot and angle. cool.gif

Posted by: BrianAdams
On: 3 Mar 2009, 17:30
thumbsup.gif I haven't seen on these of these ladies since the 1960's. Brilliant shot. I can almost smell the steam.

Posted by: BrianAdams
On: 3 Mar 2009, 17:25
wacko.gif this has just reminded me that I must get one of those magi- glass things - especially if I am going to be doing detailed work. thumbsup.gif

Posted by: BrianAdams
On: 2 Mar 2009, 21:56
These pics show me how I should fill in and secenic-cise my empty spaces and corner areas on my proposed layout. This really does help the overall look and atmosphere of the layout. - nice one thumbsup.gif

Posted by: BrianAdams
On: 2 Mar 2009, 21:43
Really nice looking layout!! Great use of colour in the scenery and really well thought out !!! great layout.......

Posted by: Madkitten
On: 11 Feb 2009, 22:18

Posted by: Guest
On: 15 Jan 2009, 00:00
Hi, I have a set of Silver Jubilee Art coaches. How did you do the Fairings, what material did you use?
Could you help me?
Mark, Bendigo Australia

Posted by: MEGair
On: 13 Jan 2009, 05:33
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