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Model Rail Forum _ N & 2mm Scale _ Dying Dapol B1 - Help pls

Posted by: Trevis Lawton 3 Jan 2012, 11:43

I am hoping someone can provide some suggestions on how to fix my relatively new Dapol B1 steam loco. It just doesn't want to move, other than an occasional spurt here and there.

It is DCC chipped and has run a few times half decently. However now the shaft between the tender and loco spins when power is applied, and is still connected to the loco coupling inside the cab, but no movement from the loco. I have taken the lid off and the worm still seems to be connected and tightly seated and if I manually move the coupling shaft, the cogs and wheels move very incrementally . But then I put it back on the track and the same problem. I can't really understand why the coupler spins when it seems tightly connected to the worm, yet no movement. If it's spinning shouldn't it have to spin the loco wheels? As you can tell I am no engineer in this department...

If I push it I will get the ocassional 10cms of action out of it, but then it stops, while the shaft spins away happily.

Is there anything else to clean or check on the loco side as the tender obviously is providing power as expected?

Any help gratefully received.

Posted by: Trevis Lawton 6 Jan 2012, 10:53

Well I am fairly sure I have identified the problem. Either the worm screw is not sitting low enough, or the cog below is not sitting high enough. They simply are not making significant contact even though the worm is snugly fixed into its housing and the cog seems to be sitting sweetly. If I sit with a little pressure on the worm (carefully with a screwdriver) she takes off and keeps going like a trooper. The question is, how can one consistently apply that pressure once the top of the loco is put back in place.

Any ideas gratefully received - anyone?

Posted by: butler-henderson 6 Jan 2012, 19:27

Sounds like either the worm or the gearwheel has worn down - contact Dapol and see if they can help. If they claim its out of guarantee see your local trading standards office as EU regulations require a far longer guarantee than Dapol offer (IIRC 2 years compared to Dapols 3?/6? months)

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