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Slow Progress

Well it's taken a while but the funds for the remaining boards are at hand. Not done anything much lately but will buy the timber for the last boards in the next week with a view to building them next weekend. Have at last got my NCE powercab and after buying the wrong de-coders and exchanging them for the right ones i have my first DCC loco's. Ok the pannier didn't work but one of my Praire did, will look into that later also chipped one of my Castle's.

After reading some of the threads on here i 've come to the conclusion that i will stick with Peco 75 for all the trackwork after buying a B2B gauge from C&L and none of my stock fitting i have not got the funds to change all my wheel sets .I've been trying to find a soldering iron with a higher wattage for soldering droppers to the rails and also looked at some Woodland Scenics track underlay. So as soon as the boards are complete i can start laying track on the storage loops. My experiment with the closed cell packing (if that is what it is!)did not work out i used pva and it fell apart .I have regluded using copydext and this seems better. I will still use the Woodland Scenics underlay on the layout but may build a small layout to test some techniques, soldering, electrofrog point modification, wiring ect. Quite afew others have done this and this seems a good idea as i have some code 100 and setrack that is now spare. Thats where i'm at at the moment mostly due to funds which are slowing things but hopefully will start to make some progress in the coming weeks.

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