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Another wet evening .Not much really to add other than i have ordered my NCE Power Cab and a couple of decoders from John at Bromsgrove Should be with me in a about a week or so. I decided to chip a Castle and Pannier tank first as they represent the big and and small of my shed engines which may be handy when testing the track as i build. I will be adding decoders as i go along but since i intend to buy more loco's it may take a while. On the baseboard side still constructing i have built baseboard no 4 of the six with no's 3,5 and 6 to build which are the removable ones .I need to find a way that will alingn the boards every time because 2 of the 3 are lift off and the other is hinged it makes dowels of no use. I've bought a flat bolt but there is still to much play for it to be accurate enough. A sliding bolt seems the best option might have to make some catches with tighter tolerances and then use some case catches to hold the boards together. Some experimenting to do then.

Through my work i have got hold of some closed cell form and wondered whether it could be used for track underlay.So as an experiment i stuck a piece to a bit of ply with pva glue then painted the glue on top and placed a piece of track on top and then whilst wet spread balast on top. I know there are other ways but i thought i try this it did not seem to bad the big drawback is cutting the right angle and width. Again will have another go as the amount of closed cell material i have would make a saving on underlay. Well thats it for now when funds permit the base boards will be completed

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