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Castle Bolton, a oo gauge, fold away,continuous run layout

station boards

Over the last couple of weeks we have been building up some scalescene low relief arches. We had to make them a little taller by adding a wall along bottom, to accommodate hiding the return loop at back of board. It took us a little longer than anticipated ,glad had the wife aboard to help,i did the cutting she did most of the covering.I printed the textured sheets onto A4 seld adhesive lables.The tunnel that goes through one of them will be for a road which will be dead ended with a suitable back scene inserted, to give a sense of a road going some where.

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Station area

I had a little problem with sagging of my platform tops ,they had foam core sides and cardboard tops. I replaced them with some suitability thick wood i had to hand, the cardboard for the tops.

Ignore the black road surface in photo, its just some off cuts of black paper i had to hand to get a impression of how the road width and look will turn out. There will be level crossing at this point too.

With the fitting of new platforms, i finally got to get the station building fastened in place. I glues a block of wood inside and drill / screwed from under board. This will enable me to remove it to finish inside and lighting. Still needs canopy supports fitted and some of the painting done.

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Goods shed
The goods shed i wasn’t going to use but looking at it in the photos ,it doesn’t look to bad. Its a adapted superquick goods shed recovered in scalescene building papers. Needs some more work to complete but may do that now and keep it on layout .

Last thing managed to do today was start finishing the ballasting off, got the platform area done, but restricted time wise because of drying times, guess one of draw backs having it in a bedroom, small price to pay,as only place i could put layout for now.
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