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Model Rail Forum _ Model Rail News _ Hattons no longer a Bachmann retailer

Posted by: 34C 8 Aug 2019, 12:35

Hattons have had their status as a Bachmann stockist removed. It appears
that those who placed pre-orders for Bachmann products that have yet to be delivered are receiving emails to the effect that all such
orders will not be fulfilled.

Posted by: kristopher1805 8 Aug 2019, 14:39

Cannot see this on either Bachmann or Hattons websites, where is your source info please 34c?

Posted by: TimP 8 Aug 2019, 16:15

Yes over at "the other place" there are posts from a whole slew of people who have had their orders cancelled this week...

Posted by: Ryan Allington 8 Aug 2019, 16:16

QUOTE (kristopher1805 @ 8 Aug 2019, 14:39) *
Cannot see this on either Bachmann or Hattons websites, where is your source info please 34c?

Hi Kristopher,

A quick look on Bachmann's website doesn't show Hattons as a stockist. Tried searching both for Hattons and for model shops in Widnes (in case I misspelt). Hattons didn't show up.

Posted by: RFS 8 Aug 2019, 16:17

See this thread on RMWeb which will probably run and run.

Apparently the reason for the issue is that Hatton's have commissioned their own class 66 model which is competing with Bachmann's, and furthermore Hatton's are going to be supplying the model to other model shops which appears to be the bone of contention.

Plenty of other box-shifters around though!

Posted by: TimP 8 Aug 2019, 16:55

It might even be healthy - I must confess I tend to use hattons out of laziness- it'll force me to try elsewhere


Posted by: dwb 9 Aug 2019, 10:08

I'm on the 'Rails of Sheffield' mailing list and last night got an email outlining their pre-order policy for Bachmann, Farish, Dapol.. This was sent out in response to an increase in queries in the previous few days.
I doubt it.


Posted by: 34C 9 Aug 2019, 10:18

QUOTE (TimP @ 8 Aug 2019, 17:55) *
... I must confess I tend to use hattons out of laziness...

Me too. Easiest to use, and way the least trouble. It's a great strategy that, just make it simple and straightforward for the customer in
every way possible. And now with a frequently interesting choice of s/h thrown into the mix, (some of which will be Bachmann product)
far less trouble than shovelling through a trader's disorganised table at a show dominated by the dross of ages from Hornby-Wrennblo,
Triang and Lamer. Just go direct to what's wanted. (Fortunately there is a good local model shop should Bachmann ever get around to
making the announced products I wish to purchase.)

Posted by: dwb 9 Aug 2019, 10:52

should Bachmann ever get around to making the announced products I wish to purchase

You're not the only one. A recent visit by members of the Bachmann Collectors Club prompted this news article on the Bachmann website yesterday...

Part of the answer is to join the Club and read the tooling updates page of the magazine. A couple of sample pages are in the article and you can make out that the V2 is 'in the tooling shop'.

Those that don't want to joint the Club are directed to the Availability page. which is all very well but..

1) The page is not immediately obvious on the Bachmann home page. You need to look under the 'Other Brands and products' menu item.

2) The list contains just about everything Bachmann distribute. It runs to 533 pages ohmy.gif.

3) The list can be sorted by column but with so many entries it doesn't really help. Sorting by date doesn't work either because these are month / year so April 20 appears before September 19 for example.

The only real use is if you know what word to search for. Then again maybe not. Searching for 'V2' shows a release date of TBA alongside of a price of £219.95. Maybe I didn't want to know that after all.

I am looking forward to the arrival of the Ransomes crane in December which I pre-ordered from Rails as soon as I saw the pre-production model at Warley a while back.


Posted by: kristopher1805 9 Aug 2019, 18:47

Thanks for that David I was close to dumping my recent V2 when the new chassis came out I took 2 of these but then when the replacement was announced I though yep I'll get rid of the recent ones and buy new! but once we are over the £150 mark its got to be extra special.

Are they still likely to redo the J39? as I cleared those out in anticipation...

Mark 1's seem to have run out I suppose a slow boat from China?

Hornby are showing what they can do with the little Peckett W4 what a nice loco! and with others like the Heljan 47xx Bachmann is losing some ground anyway.

Posted by: Ryan Allington 9 Aug 2019, 18:58

To add to what David and 34C have already alluded to, Bachmann's less-than-spectacular production situation (which seems to lead to less-than-reasonable prices in my view) is beyond frustrating. Had intended last year to get one of their J39 locos for my layout when it released this year only for them to cancel it from this year's range. Still looking at a Derby Lightweight or 105 if they get released, but at £200 on Rails' site and £30 extra from Bachmann, not including the need for two decoders on top of that for each power unit... I'm not made of money, and there's a Hornby J15 I'd like first so I have a goods engine.

At any rate, I have been looking at Bachmann B1s and K3s, but largely secondhand, so them removing Hattons as a stockist won't affect that. In fact, with Hornby's new B1 model has had me tempted as an alternative since before the issue with Bachmann kicked off.

Admittedly, the only Bachmann item I own is an old Thompson BTK I bought at a club open day because I needed another brake coach, and my usual experience with the Bachmann Loco cabinet at my local model shop is gawping at the prices before deciding to peruse the Hornby cabinet instead before my wallet has a cardiac arrest, so arguably my reaction to this isn't one Bachmann should be concerned with.

(That said, £220 for a V2?! Is it gold-plated?! Or are they having a giraffe?)

Posted by: butler-henderson 9 Aug 2019, 20:53

For those wanting to order new releases then Derails typically have the models at the same Bachmann fixed 15% max discount as everyone else but with free postage.

Posted by: TimP 10 Aug 2019, 08:53

Thanks BH - didn't seem to find the free postage but have just pre-ordered the 117 from them - never heard of them before

Posted by: 34C 10 Aug 2019, 11:37

QUOTE (Ryan Allington @ 9 Aug 2019, 19:58) *
...Still looking at a Derby Lightweight or 105 ... but at £200 ... I'm not made of money...
...Hornby's new B1 model has had me tempted ...

In a nutshell I feel this illustrates the bind that Bachmann are in.

The very fine series of BR's Pilot scheme DMU's, now 'pricey' when they next appear. Here's my advice, keep scouring the s/h section of
- HATTONS! - they have had steady supply of such traded-in models. Never yet paid more than £70 for the 'whiskers' version of the
Craven's rattle trap (AKA class 105) by looking carefully at the very good photos of the specific items on sale. I buy 'damaged' when it
is just the front windscreens fallen in, detached detail from the underside, or a previous owner who couldn't get the body back on right.
Come to me my lovelies, and ten minutes 'invisible repair' and adjustment and all is well. Chance of Bachmann selling me another of a
model I very much like new at their proposed price? Nil. (Same applies to much else so useful from their range for which there is as yet
no effective competition

As for the 'secondary/small' steam traction that Bachmann once stamped their name all over, Hornby, and latterly Oxford, have been all
over that. Bachmann's competent B1 - externally still Replica's 40 y.o. model - or Hornby's refined B1 model with many of the common
variations provided for? Likewise Bachmann's J11 or Hornby's J15, B's K3 or H's K1, B's O4 or H's O1, B's D11 or H's D16, B's V1/V3 or
H's L1? And more, the likes of Oxford's N7 and announced J27, Hornby's B12, B17, J36, J50, Q6, the commissions of Sentinels and J70
by Model Rail: what was once Bachmann's differentiator - our steam focus isn't first line express traction - greatly eroded. (As a dry side
kind of guy you can see my focus, other locations of interest are available.)

Posted by: butler-henderson 11 Aug 2019, 13:30

QUOTE (TimP @ 10 Aug 2019, 08:53) *
Thanks BH - didn't seem to find the free postage but have just pre-ordered the 117 from them - never heard of them before

Looking again its on some models but not others but seems to be on the 117 judging from this page
as 35-500, 35-501 and 35-502 are all stated as free postage. Basically means you should get the model with the 15% discount rather than, in practice, 13.66% discount that you would have effectively have got from Hattons once the £4 postage is factored in.

Posted by: TimP 11 Aug 2019, 14:22

Yes it actually was free postage but that was not at all obvious in the buying process - but looking at the emailed receipt it was indeed free postage.



Posted by: butler-henderson 12 Aug 2019, 21:00

There are a couple of other suppliers who do free postage generally; Kernow although only now on orders of more than £200 although in the example of the 117 is dearer from them as they are only quoting a 14.83% discount and Gaugemaster who have it as an option on orders over £15 although the 117 is quoted at full price. Anyone know of any others?

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