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Model Rail Forum _ Model Rail News _ Accurascale Deltic first sample

Posted by: dwb 4 Oct 2019, 20:38

Accurascale have received the first working sample of their Deltic model. For more information follow this


Posted by: Babz 5 Oct 2019, 14:23

DWB Thank You for the info and Link I have 2 on order with sound installed I had wished it would be before Christmas. Thank You once again. Babs

Posted by: SRman 6 Oct 2019, 00:54

While Deltics are not high on my list, I have to say that looks good. Not being a Deltic expert, I was surprised by their criticisms of the first prototype sample, which looked fine to me.


Posted by: 34C 7 Oct 2019, 12:38

Next test, let's see it with the paint on. (I find the overall body shape a little 'anonymous' in pale grey, after all they didn't run in that
'livery'.) Good aspects like the cab front windows almost make the sale for me. The all up 768g weight quoted is to my mind excessive.
Wonderful for traction, but a 600g model is wonderful for traction too, and few have the layout or stock, and certainly no BR modelling
need, to prove that a loco at 600g on driven wheels will haul over 30 coaches at scale 100mph! I wouldn't mention this but for the fact
that existing weighty RTR OO locos can deflect Peco streamline point blade pressings sufficiently that they lose contact with the stock

Alright, that's a condemnation of weak layout wiring, when bonding switch rail to stock rail and powering the crossing through a switch
is much to be preferred. Problem there is that an awful lot of existing layouts do rely on the point blade contact, if those I have seen
over the years are reasonably representative...

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