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entry 19 Oct 2013, 12:06
Hi Here's my track plan 1st draft

entry 12 Oct 2013, 20:23
Hi Nothing much has happened really. I've been trying to plan the layout and after planning my version of Exerter Central i decided that i would get bored with the running of the layout and it did not tick enough boxes. Since then i have got a plan which i'm still tinkering with but i think will work for me. I have been collecting track that i will need today i bought another 25yds of flexi which makes 61yds so far! Hope that will be enough iI have 16 curve points but will need many more i'm looking at 6 more to have enough to complete the double track and most of the storage loops. When these are purchased i can get some track down hopefully. I have been trying to finalize how the baseboards assemble and dis assemble and i think i got it sorted as well as storage of the lift off boards. A couple of weeks ago i bought a second hand roller door for the garage to replace the up and over this has given me some 250mm extra length. I 'm not sure that i'll increase the boards maybe just the scenic end we will see but it does mean that the back scene can be made taller . Thats about it when i have the plan some where near i'll post it with along with some pictures of the boards in place.

entry 29 Dec 2012, 11:51
Well Christmas is over New year to come. I decided to name my layout Much Faffing as a temporary name till a more permanent name is settled. Have constructed all the base boards and put them together several times now and not quite happy with how they go together so that will need some work .The backboards need to be completed and storing the 2 removable boards needs sorting where they are stacked when not in use.
Christmas has given me time to run in some engines in and run all engines and stock .I now have 14 loco's but only 2 have been chipped so i ran the others on DC first then the 2 on DCC . This also gave me time to look at the DCC NCE controller and program the loco adresses using there loco numbers. I must admit i was a bit worried i would find this difficult but the manual is very good and soon had these loco's going.
I'm still looking at underlay i did buy a roll of Woodland scenics roadbed which will be ok for the double track between the storage and station areas. Still looking at the storage area as the Woodland scenics 12"x 24"x 5mm sheets works out quite expencive so need to do a bit of serching for that. Hopefully this year will see some real progress tongue.gif Next job is to finnish the baseboards and find a track plan for the scenic part of the layout.

a few pics of the garage,boards and stock
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entry 8 Dec 2012, 22:42
Hi Its been a while and no real progress to speak off at all . I'm going through a bit of bare patch really i've got to get myself into gear and get going! I've got my 50watt antex some of Richard s solder and flux and bought 14 points and 25yrds of track. Still looking at Woodlands scenics road bed but toying with the idea of using this packing foam which appears to be 5mm thick and i've a lot of so i'm thinking of using it for the storage area.On the board front they are all built but the connecting of the boards with each other is still under concideration with a number of options being looked at.Getting the alinement right every time is important so when i get some time it's my next priority.Whilst not making any progress on the layout i have got some more loco's well 2 for Christmas a 45xx and my wife has boght me a Duchess and three coach set and a 61xx bought a couple of months ago all will need to be run in. With Christmas near i will have to have some kind of track set up just to run some trains as well as running in the new loco's this i feel will spur me on hopefully .Lots of things to think about point motors/control track plans still not sorted have bought CJ'S various plans and Aspects of modelling track layouts, some interesting prospects will have a play around with and see what's what. As for a name still not decided but as a temporary name i think Much Faffthing about somes up my layout so far! When i have set my track up over Chistmas i'll get some pictures up if i can remember how to.

entry 26 Aug 2012, 16:06
Well it's taken a while but the funds for the remaining boards are at hand. Not done anything much lately but will buy the timber for the last boards in the next week with a view to building them next weekend. Have at last got my NCE powercab and after buying the wrong de-coders and exchanging them for the right ones i have my first DCC loco's. Ok the pannier didn't work but one of my Praire did, will look into that later also chipped one of my Castle's.

After reading some of the threads on here i 've come to the conclusion that i will stick with Peco 75 for all the trackwork after buying a B2B gauge from C&L and none of my stock fitting i have not got the funds to change all my wheel sets .I've been trying to find a soldering iron with a higher wattage for soldering droppers to the rails and also looked at some Woodland Scenics track underlay. So as soon as the boards are complete i can start laying track on the storage loops. My experiment with the closed cell packing (if that is what it is!)did not work out i used pva and it fell apart .I have regluded using copydext and this seems better. I will still use the Woodland Scenics underlay on the layout but may build a small layout to test some techniques, soldering, electrofrog point modification, wiring ect. Quite afew others have done this and this seems a good idea as i have some code 100 and setrack that is now spare. Thats where i'm at at the moment mostly due to funds which are slowing things but hopefully will start to make some progress in the coming weeks.

entry 7 Jul 2012, 19:10
Another wet evening .Not much really to add other than i have ordered my NCE Power Cab and a couple of decoders from John at Bromsgrove Should be with me in a about a week or so. I decided to chip a Castle and Pannier tank first as they represent the big and and small of my shed engines which may be handy when testing the track as i build. I will be adding decoders as i go along but since i intend to buy more loco's it may take a while. On the baseboard side still constructing i have built baseboard no 4 of the six with no's 3,5 and 6 to build which are the removable ones .I need to find a way that will alingn the boards every time because 2 of the 3 are lift off and the other is hinged it makes dowels of no use. I've bought a flat bolt but there is still to much play for it to be accurate enough. A sliding bolt seems the best option might have to make some catches with tighter tolerances and then use some case catches to hold the boards together. Some experimenting to do then.

Through my work i have got hold of some closed cell form and wondered whether it could be used for track underlay.So as an experiment i stuck a piece to a bit of ply with pva glue then painted the glue on top and placed a piece of track on top and then whilst wet spread balast on top. I know there are other ways but i thought i try this it did not seem to bad the big drawback is cutting the right angle and width. Again will have another go as the amount of closed cell material i have would make a saving on underlay. Well thats it for now when funds permit the base boards will be completed

entry 23 Jun 2012, 21:54
Evening, a very wet one too.
To bring things up to date. After several false starts i decided to build a layout in the garage at the moment i'm still building the baseboards . Its a challenge the garage is home to a freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer as well as other stuff. There will be 6 baseboards 3 fixed and 2 lift off and 1 hinged at the moment 2 off the fixed no's 1&2 are in place the 3rd is currently being built. I was hoping to finish the boards by the end of the month but it looks like that will over run. I've been making enquires about an NCE stater system and some basic decoders i plan to run loco's only on DCC. Points will be powered by a 24v Gaugemaster transformer.
Now a little about the layout . the baseboards are overall size 14ftx8ft so a resonable size .The theme is a GWR /LMS mainline station it is fiction some where between Bristol and Birmingham in Gloucestershire it will have features from Gloucesters 2 stations . The track plan is under consideration i've been looking at C J Freezers track plans for various places and the plan of Exeter Central yes i know that was an LSWR station . but the plan is the only one that gives me what i'm looking for. Because the the board that will take the storage 10 storage loops is hinged i will not be able to store trains on it when the layout is not in use . So with 4 tracks through the station and the sidings i will be able to store the trains on the layouts fixed boards which just happen to be the scenic ones. The trackwork is at the moment Peco code75 at least the storage loops i'm toying with idea of using C&L track for the scenic sections. we'll see i might try and build one of their point kits 'much later though. Well thats where i am now currantly funds are dictating the pace and it's not progressing as fast as i'd like i guess many of us know this all to well. Thats all for now.

entry 23 Jun 2012, 20:27
Hi Never had a blog before so i'll start with how i got here in modelling terms that is .

My first excursion into the modelrailways began when in my late teens one Christmas my youngest brother was gifted a trainset. This evolved to the garage A single brick/asbestos corrigated roof no power 8x4 3/4 chipboard base double roundy with a branch line going up a way to steep incline. Cold a bit damp steel track and poor knowledge that was that. The whole thing except the chipboard packed in a box and put in the loft where it stayed for some years.My parents now in their twilight years( now sadly passed away) decided to move to a small home. By this time i had met my wife and had 4 children 2 girls 2 boys we lived in a 3 bedroom Victorian semi. My sons were about 6and 4 whan the train box arrived at the house my brother having no interest . The boys had the smallest bedroom in the house with bunkbeds there was very little room so having unpacked the box the boys just had to have a railway built . A cunning plan ensued ( least i thought so )i built a baseboard mounted on ply with a 4x1 pse frame on casters then fixed the track down on a foam underlay and it worked well sort of 'well not very really. The idea was sound my experience not .A bit frustated it stayed under the bed for a while till i could summon some more enthusiasm in the meantime one of my wifes friends son came The kind of kid that likes to destroy things and that was that again but this time box went for good!
About 3 years ago deciding that the need to get my head round this computer-me thingy i was surfing when i came across a modelrailway item. Now totaly hooked and compleatly blown away with what is achievable and this DCC thing wish i knew then what i know now. I might have been a bit more sucessful and had 2 boys now men with an interest in the hobby alass they are not. I have to say that finding the modelrailforum has been a good source of knowledge ideas and support and a friendly place.