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Entries on 22-July 13

entry 22 Jul 2013, 17:34
I'm afraid I was diverted onto domestic duties last week so didn't achieve the progress I had originally hoped for. However, I managed to get some 'train time' over the weekend and have, at last managed to complete track laying for the storage roads.

Here's an overall view of the completed storage roads. The 2 carriages are there to give an idea of scale and each of the storage roads can hold at least an 8 coach train with some of them even holding a 10 coach train.

Bearing in mind that the camera can pick up irregularities that the eye sometimes misses I took a couple of low level shots to check that the approach curves are smooth and free of kinks.

In case you are wondering what the bits of masking tape are all about, they are each holding two small slices of 1mm Plasticard in place to centre the point blades ready for fitting the Seep point motors which will, themselves, also be centred on that position.

Visible progress will now be very slow as I have to install 10 point motors and connect all the new track and pointwork up to the control panel which, as previously noted, involves 540 separate connections.

Once that is done I can make a start on the visible part of the layout which, apart from the actual track laying, will involve fitting uncoupling magnets, an inspection pit for the loco shed and an ash pit outside the shed.

That could all take a while. ohmy.gif

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