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Large layout to sell

I'm very new to writing a blog & finding my way round what & how I'm supposed to use it! I came across the site whilst trying to find out how to reach famous people who might want to buy a very large model railway layout. My father passed away 2yrars ago and left me his collection which he started back in 1970's - possibly earlier. I am now in need of help & advice on how to sell it. I would like to include some photos but don't know how to! I believe it may be a mainly European collection (Rocco and Fleischman come to mind) but I know he does have some American too. He had recently made the layout digital but the whole set/system has been his life work. I know he would want it to be appreciated by a fellow model train lover &, being a Yorkshrevman, he'd want the best price for it too! In case I can't work out how to get back to my blog I am very happy for anyone who might be able to help to email me. Thank you for your time. Kind regards. Alison

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