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Ingleby Junction

The Plan

Ingleby Junction is my take on Battersby; a once through station, now truncated as a terminus where the Esk Valley line from Whitby meets the local rails from Middlesbrough. Why not call it Battersby then? - simply enough the layout may be 'in the theme and flavour' of Battersby but the track plan is not authentic. It was created to cater for both the space i have available, the features i wanted to include and the operation interest i required. The trains and engines are representative but not wholly and not without a fair dollop of modellers license too.

Stock: The majority is RTR with some kits
Control: NCE ProCab
Points: Cobalts throughout
Signals: MERG Servo driven MSE kits
Track: Exactoscale fast track OO finescale sleeper system with HiNi code 75 bullhead rail
Era: 2 in fact - late 50's steam (modellers license has delayed the arrival of DMU's so i still plan to run around my suburbans), and early 70's green to blue diesels (the sound day as my diesel fleet is all sound chipped)

So far the baseboards have been built, along with a lighting rig. the Fiddleyard board is almost done and i have 95% of the stock for the layout. The trackplan has been finalised for the station and goods areas with a little fettling to be done in the MPD but we are almost there.

I will post some pic's of progress as it occurs.

The current job is fitting suitable corridor connectors and kadee's to the Gresley 61'6" stock of my holiday special train. I can just fit 5 coaches and a B1 on my cassettes... All those lucky folk off to sunny Scarborough for the weekend....

D.[email protected]/10200522163/[email protected]/10200522163/ by[email protected]/, on Flickr

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