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Entries on 8-July 13

entry 8 Jul 2013, 15:16
Having seen many threads where tracing DC wiring problems was difficult I decided to split the layout into 6 DCC Zones which will each be independantly switchable including one as a programming track. This is a drawing of the various zones.

I then put together a simple Distribution Board which will enable me to plug each Zone into the DCC supply as they are installed.

I've temporarily shown how the plug-in connectors work on the bottom right of the picture.

Next task was to make a start on the 5 small switch panels which will control the power supplies to points, lights, sounds etc. This involves 'stitch drilling' out all the openings for the switches and drilling holes to receive LED Panel Indicator lights.

The next step was to 'fettle' the holes to get a good fit for the switches. You will note that I am just using a temporary paper template at the moment as it's so easy for the drill to slip when stitch drilling. The final switch plate covers will be printed onto glossy photo paper and then sealed with clear varnish.

Here are a few of the finished panels with the switches and LEDs installed.

Next up were the Point Control Panels and here are some pictures of the finished articles.

First a front view of the Market Havering Panel

Then the Parmouth & Storage Roads Panel

This is a view of the chassis socket connections on the rear of the panels. I've left a few spare spaces for any future additions.

And this is the ball of spaghetti inside. The turntable control wiring is on the left and the orange/black wiring is for the push buttons to the electromagnets for auto uncoupling. I will be using 6 core alarm wire for the connections between the panels and the point motors.

You will note that the bi-colour LEDs are not glued in place yet and this is because the orientation of each pair will not be known until they are connected to the points and they can be matched to suit the throw of the blades.

This is the wiring diagram of how it all works

And this is the test rig I used to check each switch & LED as I installed them.

Next up will be the start of the layout itself.

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