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Hamburg Miniature Wonderland - Part 9 Scandinavia

The Hamburg section is followed by the Scandinavian section featuring railways and scenes from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

A large country house / castle in the Danish section:

I noticed this rather familiar looking signal box towards the back of the layout.

This left me wondering:

* Did Danish railways build signal boxes using British architectural plans?
* Is this an early tryout building for the UK section due in a couple of years time?
* Is it a Heljan kit which has been mistaken as being Danish because Heljan is Danish?

The main station in the Danish section with a beach scene in the foreground

The main feature of the Scandinavian section is the harbour. This is modelled with an enormous tank filled with water. There must be filters somewhere as the water is incredibly clear. Several large model ships navigate in and out of the harbour with no visible signs of being guided. This is a cruise ship leaving the harbour.

I saw the real ship a couple of days later when I went on a harbour tour in Hamburg. It really does wear lipstick on the front...

The group in the back of the shot are on a "Behind the scenes tour". It's an attractive idea but you need to have good German to get much benefit from it.

The clear water in the harbour allows for some more underwater jokes. This is an octopuss' garden

An oil rig beyond the entrance to the harbour

A floating ship repair dock

The cruise ship was replaced by this rather more mundane item but a fine model none the less

A local train in Norway

Deep mid winter...

Another one for the kids, "The Flying Dutchman"?

That's all from the Scandinavian section. There's just the US left.

by: neil_s_wood on 2 Feb 2014, 21:48

Very nice David, the ships are amazing.



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