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Miniature Wonderland Part 4 - Switzerland revisited

On the other side of the space which houses the airport, the floor has been removed so that the mountains in the Switzerland section can continue upwards. These photos are taken from the gallery overlooking the section you see when you first enter the Switzerland section.

The mountain peak nestling under the ceiling of the fourth floor!

Anyone for bridge?

There is no forced perspective here. The train at the back is still HO scale, it's just a long way away.

The painting in the background appears to be of Oberalpsee which is the peak of the narrow gauge line between Chur and Andermatt. This photo is from 2007.

Back to the model...

The Golden Pass train has not left the station where we saw it earlier

A narrow gauge train threads the tunnels in the mountain.

The main station

Again it is startling to remember that the ICN train in this photo is HO Scale and that I was at that rail about one and a half hours previously.

And so we say farewell to Switzerland and prepare to enter Austria.

by: neil_s_wood on 29 Sep 2013, 22:18

That's pretty amazing. Thanks for showing the photos David.



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