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entry 8 Jul 2013, 15:24
They took a little longer than originally expected but, eventually the boards did arrive from MRS and they even came down themselves to fit them into the room. Here they are installed in my train room, apart from the lift-up board, which I'm leaving off for the time being to make access easier. Note the recessed area on the right which will be Parmouth Harbour.

I must admit I was well impressed both by the quality of the boards and the service from MRS.

In case you're wondering, this is the design for the lift-up board which, as you can see, is quite a complicated bit of joinery as this will form the valley with the canal at the bottom with a viaduct and a bridge crossing it.

Now that I had the boards I wasted no time and got cracking on the under-board wiring for the Storage Roads and Parmouth areas. This is an overall view - (Who said DCC only needs two wires ????? )

And this is a detailed view of one part of it which shows the various circuits all labelled up.

Unfortunately, it was at this time that I had to go into hospital for the second reconstructive op on my hip - (That makes 4 ops on the hip in total.) Consequently any further work on the layout came to a grinding halt for a couple of months while it all healed up and I had some quite intensive physiotherapy on it.

Nevertheless I was able to do some 'armchair modelling', literally, so I spent a lot of time in my chair with a little table in front of me so that I could get some buildings started, and in particular, my main station building.

But that's a story for the next episode.

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