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Castle Bolton, a oo gauge, fold away,continuous run layout

A bit of scenic work

This week we have managed to get a bit of scenic work done to end board which contains the engine shed and turntable.

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View of Turntable board with scenery started

In this shot we have just tried board back in place to enable to do a bit on the track infill's.I roughly ballasted it,once dry ,coated with pva glue then pushed in air dry clay ,carefuly keeping it off inside of tracks, followed by tampering it down with a stiff brush.I will paint it and may add some ask from BQ which i kept. This will be mainly around ash pit will paint mix darker ash on the rear track which will contain coaling stage or tower.

The greeny on hills and grass banks still to finish on some you can see undercoat of hanging basket material .Once dryed backing will be teased off,some done, some can be seen in photo still to do.Got static grasses and other ground cover still to add,aswell as end sky back ground.

The hill is in two parts,top piece,and bottom bit with retaining walls and tunnel.This is so can fold away without fouling. Once removed they store verticaly on rear non scenic board,held in place with velco straps.

Its an amazing how adding a bit of groundcover transform the look.From bare board to landscape in a week smile.gif

Hopefully can get the time to do more next week.


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