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My first real layout

Hi Never had a blog before so i'll start with how i got here in modelling terms that is .

My first excursion into the modelrailways began when in my late teens one Christmas my youngest brother was gifted a trainset. This evolved to the garage A single brick/asbestos corrigated roof no power 8x4 3/4 chipboard base double roundy with a branch line going up a way to steep incline. Cold a bit damp steel track and poor knowledge that was that. The whole thing except the chipboard packed in a box and put in the loft where it stayed for some years.My parents now in their twilight years( now sadly passed away) decided to move to a small home. By this time i had met my wife and had 4 children 2 girls 2 boys we lived in a 3 bedroom Victorian semi. My sons were about 6and 4 whan the train box arrived at the house my brother having no interest . The boys had the smallest bedroom in the house with bunkbeds there was very little room so having unpacked the box the boys just had to have a railway built . A cunning plan ensued ( least i thought so )i built a baseboard mounted on ply with a 4x1 pse frame on casters then fixed the track down on a foam underlay and it worked well sort of 'well not very really. The idea was sound my experience not .A bit frustated it stayed under the bed for a while till i could summon some more enthusiasm in the meantime one of my wifes friends son came The kind of kid that likes to destroy things and that was that again but this time box went for good!
About 3 years ago deciding that the need to get my head round this computer-me thingy i was surfing when i came across a modelrailway item. Now totaly hooked and compleatly blown away with what is achievable and this DCC thing wish i knew then what i know now. I might have been a bit more sucessful and had 2 boys now men with an interest in the hobby alass they are not. I have to say that finding the modelrailforum has been a good source of knowledge ideas and support and a friendly place.

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