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Model Rail Forum _ Z scale _ More British Z. A W.D 2-10-0

Posted by: kevsmith 19 Jul 2020, 19:37

Hi all

At the urging of myself and Graham Jones we persuade Ivan to do a WD 2-10-0 designed to fit the Marklin BR50 chassis. Initially avaiable in FUD on Shapeways with a view to getting it in 3D brass when shapeays decide to start that production line back up again.

First impressions was that it was a very nice print, at least as good as the rebuilt Merchant Navy.

Seen with the donor loco

With the body cleaned up, it just needed some layer lines under the boiler sanding out and a few of the vertical surfaces on the tender and cabsides. The chassis has had the leading truck removed and the tender chassis came form another loco as my BR 50 tender had a Wannen tender


Front end removed, motion brackets also removed. The motor is thinned slightly where the steel magnet lugs stick out to get it into the cab

trial fit

more in a minute


Posted by: kevsmith 19 Jul 2020, 19:56

I've used Tamiya Rubber black to paint the wheels rather than pure black. Numbering and crests from Fox.

A typical late 1950s goods train see working wrong line past Republic Steel

Me and some mates were chasing the Netowrk rail IM test train the other night and I mentioned I was writing this up and one of them said what about the Gauge 1 WD you built. I'd quite forgotten about it but the memory of the cheques I got when i sold it still brings a warm glow!


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