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Hamburg Miniature Wonderland - Part 7 Mittel Deutschland (2)

The photos continue in the "Mittlel Deutschland" section of Hamburg Miniature Wonderland.

This is one for Neil - these buildings are from Rotenburg Ob die Tauber wink.gif

Not all the trains are hauled by diesels or electrics

I find these locos quite attractive:

This station is named Hamburg Dammtor.

The next section contains models based on Hamburg itself and will appear in Part 8.

by: neil_s_wood on 15 Dec 2013, 06:24

Not sure how I missed this but I did. Great pictures David. The Dammtor station is in Hamburg and Trix did an HO kit of it. If it came out again I'd buy it. Thanks for the Rottenburg pictures. I think there must be a few others who thought of modelling that. Very picturesque.

The e103 is a bit of an Icon. I'm after one but am deciding which is the best version and want one with preinstalled sound.



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