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Castle Bolton, a oo gauge, fold away,continuous run layout


Hi All
Well its been quite a while since i updated this thread and sad to say as far as this layout in its current form is concerned ,its the end of the line..
It didnt quite get finished for a number of reasons,ill health been one,but main one is because of a possible house move.In its current form ive never been really satisfied with my track plan,so instead of digging my self into a deeper hole,ive bit the bullet and decided to dismantle it and start again. I could run it as a roundy,or out and back but the next one will be a end to end and more prototypical.

I will probably keep first two board but making them separate instead of been hinged .A third board will either have a fiddle yard or turntable.This will hopefuly allow me to continue with it in that form when and if i move.I could place this end board at 90 to layout to save on length. So it all three boards will form a L shape.

Here is a link to some final photos i took.If you open photo up ive got bit better explanation to some of sequence.

Ive still got a few projects to carry on with,one been my old boxfile layout Stooperdale,
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which i wrote about on another site,but am in process of making extra cargo and revamping a bit as its going to its/my first exhibition May next year.Ill prob blog it here when i can.


edited to correct some link txt

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