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Christmas update

Hi Its been a while and no real progress to speak off at all . I'm going through a bit of bare patch really i've got to get myself into gear and get going! I've got my 50watt antex some of Richard s solder and flux and bought 14 points and 25yrds of track. Still looking at Woodlands scenics road bed but toying with the idea of using this packing foam which appears to be 5mm thick and i've a lot of so i'm thinking of using it for the storage area.On the board front they are all built but the connecting of the boards with each other is still under concideration with a number of options being looked at.Getting the alinement right every time is important so when i get some time it's my next priority.Whilst not making any progress on the layout i have got some more loco's well 2 for Christmas a 45xx and my wife has boght me a Duchess and three coach set and a 61xx bought a couple of months ago all will need to be run in. With Christmas near i will have to have some kind of track set up just to run some trains as well as running in the new loco's this i feel will spur me on hopefully .Lots of things to think about point motors/control track plans still not sorted have bought CJ'S various plans and Aspects of modelling track layouts, some interesting prospects will have a play around with and see what's what. As for a name still not decided but as a temporary name i think Much Faffthing about somes up my layout so far! When i have set my track up over Chistmas i'll get some pictures up if i can remember how to.

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