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Full Version: Network problems - Saturday night
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Model Rail Forum servers were inaccessible from about 7:45pm UK time - at least that's when I was made aware of the problem.

Our hosting company said it was a general problem that affected their whole network.

The network was restored at about 11 pm UK time.

I'll post some info on the problem here if I get it.
Brian Considine
Hi Doug,

I noticed that before the problem, & indeed now the forum was very slow, especially the PM's.
This has been the case for about six weeks. It's more noticeable here as we are at the extreem end of the internet pipe. Whereas before connection was almost instanteous it now take around 10secs for a an inital connection into the forum. Once connected it's then normal.
cool.gif cool.gif
My experience of the Forum has been slow for the last few weeks. I often open a new browser tab and connect to the BBC website just to check it's not my connection. The wire into our house was repaired about a month ago and has stabilised at 5.9Mbits compared to the 1.5Mbps we were getting before.

I just thought the hamster in our exchange was on a toilet break..............................................

RMWeb blitzed out on me did this forum...for a while...but it wasn't a problem...I guess we really need these glitches now and then, so's we can all get on with some modelling??
Regarding slow networks.

I don't want to point blame, but or servers are on quite a good server and a good connection. Located in the USA, the network provider is one of the best in the World for delivering services Worldwide. Some local networks in Europe get blocked up and often blame is given to the website being looked at. It may just be the peering arrangement (network interconnection) between Internet companies at fault.

You can't compare it to the BBC who's budget is probably a gazillion times more than ours. And who have a whole department of techies who optimise the servers all day long.

I'm in a far-away corner of France and I haven't experienced any major problems lately. Sure there are occasional glitches, but they seem to be sorted out relatively quickly.
I don't want to point blame,

I think most of us understand that there are many links in the chain but if we don't occasionally point out that there seems to have been a slowdown how can you know?

From the posts here it looks like east Yorkshire, Kent, Berkshire and South Africa have experienced a slow down in responsiveness over the summer period. Perhaps the UK/US, SA/US links are being overwhelmed by spam or maybe there's too much BBC iPlayer traffic? Who knows, but as I said if we don't mention it, how would you know to watch out for it?

Last night in IE & Firefox the search engine couldnt find the page/site for some hours until around 22.30 here
alastairq's a conspiracy to get us all back to our workbenches??
QUOTE (alastairq @ 6 Sep 2009, 13:38) *'s a conspiracy to get us all back to our workbenches??

May be Alistair rolleyes.gif never enough time at the workbench so its a good ploy wink.gif
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