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Full Version: Alternative accounts - the rules
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Alternative accounts

Inappropriate uses of alternative accounts
  • Sock puppetry is using more than one account in order to violate forum rules or cause disruption. The user who uses a 'sock puppet' may be called a sock puppeteer. Using sock puppets and Sock puppetry is not allowed.
  • Alternative puppet accounts should not be used to contribute to topics started by or contributed to from another account, i.e. talking to oneself.
  • Alternative accounts are not to be used to vote more than once in a poll.
  • Using alternative puppet accounts to split your contributions and hide activity from Mods is not allowed.
  • Role accounts, accounts which are used by multiple people, are not allowed. If you run one account with multiple users, it is likely to be blocked.
  • If a member has been banned or blocked from access, then he is not allowed to set up an Alternative account.

Legitimate uses of alternative accounts
  • Alternative accounts have legitimate uses. For example, some Admins and Mods may use extra accounts for technical purposes and for testing.
  • Some retailers may have a professional account as well as a personal account. This should be clear an unambiguous. If you are not sure, please ask the Mods in advance.

Clean start under a new name
  • If you have a negative track record and you have decided to make a genuine, clean, and honest new start, and do not wish it to be tarnished by your prior conduct, with the permission from the forum Mods, you can simply stop using the old account(s), and make an unconnected new account. This becomes the only account you then use, and is used in a good manner.
  • Discontinuing the old account means specifically that the old account is not used for changing ever again. If the old account is later used in addition to a new account after supposedly being discontinued, then it has not been discontinued and would fall under the policy for alternative accounts, above.
Note, if you wish to leave the forum, we do not delete your content. We will endeavour to protect your privacy and we can hide any email address or real name, but we will not delete old posts or topics.
Richard Johnson
*** As I don't know how such things are done, I do have a question. excuse my ignorance on this subject please.

I am assuming that there is some unique identifier. At my office, I have a couple of computers on the same network/ISP/system that may on occasion be used with my blessing by other people, some of whom are MRF members and they may well log on and post using their own existing membership. I am assuming that with them coming in from the same ISP source point it will not "look wrong" at your end or be a problem relative to the above?


When we talk of 'accounts', we mean display names. If someone in your office creates an account that is fine. But if you create two accounts, let us know about it (if there is a logical reason for the multiple accounts) otherwise it will not be allowed.

We have had cases of members creating multiple accounts and then using these accounts praise themselves or back up their own arguments etc. That is not allowed.
Richard Johnson
*** Thanks Doug. I just wanted to be sure. Anyone logging in will already have their own MRF account so thats OK.

I can't imagine ever needing to make multiple accounts from my side I must admit. One is quite enough to cope with LOL.

Robert Stokes
Other than a trader as mentioned above, why would anyone want more than one account?
Brian Considine
QUOTE (Robert Stokes @ 31 Jul 2012, 12:01) *
Other than a trader as mentioned above, why would anyone want more than one account?

To stir it up ?
you would think people would have better things to do with their time.
They must be very sad indeed to do that. Either sad or ill.
What is there to be gained.

Sad, sad, people - Edwin

I agree - Nediw
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