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Peter Armond
Is it just me or is anyone else having problems in downloading the digital subscription to Model Rail.

The web site for "Great Magazines" is anything but great and keeps taking me round in circles which asks me to pay, which I have already done.

After 3 emails to Great Magazines, the first of which was only replied to after 10 days when I sent a reminder I am told to down load the app. but it does not tell me which web site I open to find the app. I certainly can't find one!

I sent a final email tonight giving them 24 hours for a satisfactory answer. Failing that I will cancel.

In comparison I have had no problem in accessing BRM digital copies!
Peter Armond
Further to my message last October I gave up trying to download my digital subscription to Model Rail as it was next to impossible.

I have been trying again tonight but it is anything but user friendly. The response I got eventually last November was from someone in Germany and was not at all helpful.

Trying to log in on line to obtain my subscription is useless as it tells me my subscription number is unknown!

Our post office services are now non existent in Zambia as the Post Office is bankrupt and it is any ones guess if branches will ever reopen as staff who have not been paid for over 6 months have deserted their jobs and been dismissed for doing so!

Consequently I have not received the last 3 issues of Model Rail and probably will never receive them so I want to cancel the hard copy and just obtain the digital copy.

I would like to continue receiving but unless anyone can tell me how I communicate with them electronically I will endeavor to cancel.

As mentioned before obtaining a BRM digital subscription is simple.
Peter Armond
I brought this issue up a year ago.
Eventually I gave up as my ipad was not working.
When I renewed my subscription last year I renewed with digital.
In theory I should now be able to get into the digital copies as my ipad has been repaired but lost all its previous memory
Unfortunately their website only seems to help if you want to purchase a subscription. Instructions I have had in the past have been deleted.
If anyone can point me in the right direction to enable me to get my digital subscription will be appreciated.
I purchased a digital subscription a few weeks ago and went round the houses a few times muttering loudly, but all is working well now, not at all user friendly. I went to the Google Play store (or Apple Store) , downloaded the Model Rail app to my Android tab, created an account (they wanted my order number) and it worked.

What confused me - the main Model Rail magazine system (on my PC) where I can see my account detail is a separate system using a different log in :-).

Also if you want to order a a back copy, ignore enter accpunt number just press the price button to pay.

It is badly designed, but once you sort it, works ok.
Peter Armond
Thanks it simply does not work and there seems no way of contacting them.
Why do they have to have such a complex system? Do they actually have any digital subscribers?
Sadly I am going to cancel my subscription and forget them assuming I can find an email address that actual works.
In comparison BRM is very easy to access. Just a couple clicks and there you are.
Peter Armond
I have come to the conclusion that Model Rail Publishers do not want digital subscribers. Further instructions sent by them did not work and I have today sent them another email and have had a response saying they will reply in 14 days.
In comparison I decided to purchase Railway Modeler at their special offer digital subscription last week. It took about 10 minutes at most and I can now access.
I want the digital copies of Model Rail so I can cancel the hard copies which I have sent by a courier company and are now taking at least 3 weeks (against 5-6 days before Corona) to arrive at the equivalent of £6 per copy.
Failing Model Rail publishers providing user friendly simple download instructions I will cancel completely.

QUOTE (Peter Armond @ 3 May 2020, 15:51) *
...(against 5-6 days before Corona)...

Speaking of which, how is life in Zambia? Hope you and yours are in good health.
Peter Armond
Yes thanks we are OK but don’t go out more than once or twice per week, as we are in the so called vulnerable age group. There are currently 139 cases in Zambia of which about 70% are fully recovered. 3 deaths, 2 of which were elderly and also otherwise sick and one young woman following a failed self abortion which complicated the issue. (Abortion is illegal here).
We don’t have a lockdown here but all coffee shops and restaurants are closed but are allowed to do takeaways. All other shops are open but masks are compulsory otherwise no entry.Non contact sport after being closed for 3 weeks has started again so golf and lawn bowls which I normally play 3 times a week have also restarted providing no more than 50 people are around. Churches remain closed although the President said last week that they could reopen if they get a license to do so but the Anglican an RC churches and most others have decided they will remain closed apart from funerals. All bars are closed but unlike South Africa we can sill purchase alcoholic drinks after 10am, 7 days a week from the supermarkets.Schools are closed and my daughter who is head of the largest private school in Zambia and lives on site has arranged distance learning. My younger grandson who is normally at School in South Africa has no idea when he will be able to go back to school assuming there any flights are operational by then. SAA who used to fly here 3 times daily are now in liquidation.otherwise I guess we are as far as possible trying to carry on as normal. My eldest grandson is due to start at university in Edinburgh in September so we all hope the University is open again by then and there are flights operating again. Thanks for asking, best regards Peter
Peter, That's generally good to read. You have more liberty than we are currently enjoying in the UK, all social locations closed,
travel discouraged, restrict going out to only essential exercise and shopping, and to the work place if a key worker; with 'social
distancing' expected, keeping 2m away from other people. So, we stay at home, as many as possible work from home.

The airlines 'fall-out' is a story we have yet to understand. I believe it will come as a major shock when the 'new normal' in
private air travel is revealed, to permit it to resume: more expensive fares and a reduction in services and destinations; coupled
with individual government decisions about who is permitted to enter their territory, which may well change regularly in response
to outbreaks as they are reported. All the best, Paul.
Peter Armond
Thanks Paul. I received a note this afternoon that my Model Rail magazine has arrived so I will collect tomorrow. As the local courier company have now put up the cost to the equivalent of £9 and now taking close to 3 weeks to get here I just hope Model Rail publishers will send me simple clear instructions on how to down load the digital copy so I can cancel the hard copy. I am not holding my breath!
QUOTE (Peter Armond @ 6 May 2020, 08:15) *
Thanks Paul. I received a note this afternoon that my Model Rail magazine has arrived so I will collect tomorrow. As the local courier company have now put up the cost to the equivalent of £9 and now taking close to 3 weeks to get here I just hope Model Rail publishers will send me simple clear instructions on how to down load the digital copy so I can cancel the hard copy. I am not holding my breath!

Hi Peter

When I was going around the houses I got this response.

Unfortunately, on this side of the technical app support, I do not have access to your subscription data. So, if the suggestions I am about to make do not help, we may need to direct you to Great Magazines for further assistance.

If you are a new customer and purchased your subscription through Great Magazines and have already made an account on the website, but not in the app, this is most likely the problem. The account on the website and the account in the app are separate from one another. In order to log into the app, you will need to choose the option "Create an account" from the app menu on the left side of the app. This will take you to a page for you to fill in all of your information and set your password for the app login. Once the password is set, you should be able to log into the app to access your issues.

If this doesn't help, we can forward your problem on to Great Magazines, because the login is connected to their systems. In order to do so, please send us your customer number. Or, you can also choose to contact them directly at: [email protected] , or + 44 (0) 1858 438884

I followed the 'create account' instructions within the App and got in ok once I found out the system couldn't cope with the apostrophe in my surname!!

If you can't get in tell me the error message you get

Regards from NZ

Did you sort your Model Rail access

Peter Armond
Thanks for asking, in short no not yet.

I have received detailed instructions from "Great Magazines", not all of which I fully understand. However my eldest grandson who is now 19 and something of a computer expert should be calling by sometime in the next week. So rather than waste more time on it myself I will see if he can access it.
Peter Armond
Got it at last. Spent about an hour on it last night and downloaded.
One thing I had forgotten was that unlike other model railway magazines you actually download the Model Rail issue and don’t need to be on the net to view. Fortunately the instructions received from Great Magazines was fairly easy to follow.
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