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Full Version: Not much happening!
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John Webb
The latest (May) edition of the "Hornby Magazine" arrived yesterday. Under the "Exhibitions" listing every exhibition was cancelled or postponed.

There has been much discussion on other forums about the effect of the Corona Virus on Heritage Railways, a number of whom have already appealed for donations from their supporters. Makes me wonder how affected clubs will be, as presumably they are unable to meet.

Sad times, indeed, John. It's difficult to work out / guess at how long the problem may last, too. Whilst there is information, here and worldwide, it is somewhat incomplete. Our Gov't figures include the sad cases who have passed away, but only the ones tested and identified as positive. There is no system {at least in the public domain} for the total numbers who have had the symptoms and either rung 111, or simply gone to bed to recover. It makes it very difficult to estimate the real infection rate, compared to the remaining population. Just over 38,000 "reported" cases with a population of just under 68,000,000 - how many more actually infected - ?-?.

Even if the infection rate is several times the published figures, it's going to take a long time to reach the numbers for Herd immunity. Perhaps that's why they are sticking to the numbers they are, to avoid setting off an adverse reaction.

John Webb
The post at lunchtime today brought the April edition of "The Railway Magazine" - they've completely dropped their pages regarding heritage railway events and society meetings, although of course there are some events being advertised - I assume they couldn't cancel them before publication.

The model engineering society to which I belong has suspended all activities for the time being. So no mid week meetings or Sunday work parties / large scale locomotive running sessions. The club forum has got a bit livelier as people share photos of the projects they are working on at home.

The same here in Australia, not only Clubs & Shows but many operating sessions at friends rail empires, closed, as we have to have 1.5m between people unless they are family that live together normally. That restriction knocked out for me 8 club meetings & 9 operating/building sessions on layout per month.

Our Prime Minister has Australia set up for another 5 months of this though some relaxation of social distancing, may occur in a couple of months if we are lucky.

Thank god for the Internet & Netflix & Amazon prime...
John Webb
Just been in contact with the Chiltern Model Railway Association who ran an annual exhibition in January at St Albans for many years, and moved three years ago to a larger venue at Stevenage. They have been kind enough to admit us to the exhibition for some 6 years with our publicity stand.

They have already taken the decision to NOT hold their 2021 exhibition, alas!

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