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Hi all,
I've read about people using this product and think it's the same stuff that Hornby etc use for mounting motors. I've been looking for it on the web but can't find the sort of thing I want. Does it come in a tube or would I have to buy a large amount like a cartridge? I'd like to use it for mounting speakers etc. I've used Blutac but find it dries out and the speakers tend to come away, whereas when it's used on the motors in locos that have it, it always is soft.
Try searching for Butyl sealant. It comes in a role. Excellent for holding speakers and wires in place. I have also used it for a speaker enclosure where space was very limited. When stuck onto a surface it is difficult to remove all off it by pulling it but if you roll it it removes much easier.
Ian M
Youchoos sell it
Yes, YouChoos will sell you some. I also got some from Howes years ago, but their website was not very user-friendly for overseas buyers last time I tried.

I was told that Homelux Bath Seal is the product, but have not been able to find an equivalent here in Oz. Everything I saw here in places like Bunnings tended to set solid, whereas we want it to stay flexible.
I also think Butyl Mastic probably fits the bill. Bunnings sell 'Selleys Butyl Mastic'. Mine was bought to seal a caravan leak because it sticks very firmly but never goes completely hard. I have used it for mounting tender speakers where you want it to stay put but it can be released if you really need to do so. Its only downside is that cleaning it off can take a bit of time.
Even though you have to buy a large cartridge it does not go off in the tube: mine is 5 or 6 years old and still very usable.
Sorry for being so long in replying to your helpful post's. I've been up and down to Brisbane for what seems like forever, helping my younger son with renovations.

I took the tip from enM and found the stuff in large tubes which stopped me in my tracks, but I've also seen drrseniors post that says Bunnings sell it and it doesn't go hard in the tube.

A few minutes later and Bunnings at Morayfield don't have it, so it looks like ebay.

Another couple of minutes and I've ordered a tube from ebay. $19.99 with postage.

Thanks for all the help.
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