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Full Version: Track terminators/dampers.
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I'm making some of these to be on the safe side from voltage spikes. I've used 2W 150ohm and a .1uf ceramic cap. On my layout are multiple dead end sidings. Do I need one at each dead end or just one to cover the whole layout?
According to Brian Lambert you need one terminator at each end of the bus, so 2 in total. But only if the bus is very long for which I've seen a figure of greater than 30ft mentioned.

Richard Johnson
*** Yes, that is generally enough if you have one power district. Each draws current so too many is not a good thing, and there is little added benefit from adding more anyway

regards, Richard
<pedant mode> You can't treat the DCC bus as a transmission line so they are not really "terminators", merely suppressors /pedant mode>.

It doesn't really matter where you put them, certainly no need for one at the end of every siding.

If your bus is a ring then just put one opposite the booster connection. If it splits in two from the booster then on on each arm, no more, etc.,...

Do you have multiple booster power districts? It may be beneficial to put one in each district as they are electrically isolated and a suppressor in one district will not have any effect in another..
Thanks all. One it is, as my layout is a ring. For the life of me I couldn't remember 'suppressors.' Age catching up.
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