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  1. On My Layout
    I have these three Hornby Skaledale station buildings, which are based on those of the (pre-grouping) North Eastern Railway, in North Yorkshire. Even if I repaint parts of these buildings, is their architectural style compatible with those of other railway companies around the UK? Thanks
  2. OO Gauge & 4mm Scale
    Hi everyone, thought I'd say hello as a new member, and ask for your honest opinions on the Hornby, and Bachmann 08 shunter. I need a new 08. The one I own now is an ancient Hornby/Lima design which came with the Hornby Dino Safari set as I received for my birthday donkey's years ago, and it an...
  3. On My Work Bench
    Hi everyone - I recently took my Hornby Flying Scotsman out of long term storage. After briefly running, it came to a shuddering stop, with the motor in the loco attempting to drag the seemingly dead L5136 tender. I've removed the loco and tender bodies to try and spot any wiring issues, but I...
  4. OO Gauge & 4mm Scale
    Hello all, I have been working on my 00 gauge (4mm) end to end layout with a Penzance station style terminus but with a twist. However, I have been testing out all of my trains over the crossovers as seen in the image below to ensure it works. There is no fault with Hornby R8072 on the...
1-4 of 4 Results