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I think this months editorial is one of the long list of things that really isnt up to scratch. he wrote it as though "now i have got shed loads of money i want an expensive loco".

A couple of months ago i wrota an e-mail about one of the articles. it was the one about the warwell. the reviewer had simply purchased the wrong kit for the wagon he was trying to build. he complained about white metal being inflexible (despite genissis kits being made from lead free pewter which is conciderably more forgiving) and to put the icing on the cake he winged about it riding too high after he had fitted wheels that were too large!!
A month later Model Rail published a letter slamming low cost white metal kits in general.

Its a real pitty when the rewiewers dont read the instructions! if i was genissis kits i would be having a little chat to a solicitor.

I thought that was unacceptable for a magazine.

I also noted that this month the actual magazine has taken another turn for the worst with the page register being quite along way out on several pages and not cut properly on others.

Model rail is the best of a bad bunch. bring back model railway constructor!!

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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