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As a modeller. all I want from packaging, is that it ensures the item inside arrives in a good condition and is easily removed from the box without damage.

For a less knowledgeable/newer modeller, some extra historical data might be useful and so would be a welcome improvement. Some notes on running in/basic maintenance would also be good for the same reason.

For the collector it may be different and certificates, luxury packaging etc might be more relevant.

Bearing in mind that the extra volume of sales generated by the collector helps to keep the price down for me, the modeller, I would not object to a small extra price for some packaging improvements. However, when we start talking of £20.00 or even half of that, then the manufacturers can take a hike.
A few pounds maybe acceptable if coupled with a less damaged delivery, but any more than that is not.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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