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0-4-0St CEGB R. Stephenson & Hawthorns No 7063

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I hope this is the right place for the full sized locos, if not perhaps someone will correct me and move it.
The following pictures were taken at Shildon Co. Durham, UK or as I believe it's named now NRM "Locomotion" As I arrived the loco was about to be fired up for excursions over the next two days to support a Fuschia flower show event.
0-4-0ST CEGB Built 1942 by R Stephenson and Hawthorns No 7063 at Newcastle emerging from the Goods Shed Shildon

I thought the diesel would be towing it out
not understanding how it all works. They just took the brake off, I presume and out she rolled.
Now out in the open air a few bundles of sticks etc. and smoooo-king

I was interested in some of the detail of these saddle tankers and so here is an incredibly interesting picture of the Injector pipework and the Cross head.
Although not interested in the diesel that much up close and personal I was quite immpressed
I hope these are readable, not very good camera work, It never stopped raining all day but well worth the trip again and again.
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Despite the weather obviously not being in your favour the photos have come out quite well. The loco is one of the relatively few industrial locos in the national collection held by the NRM. One of the interesting things of these industrials is that due to their size and the nature of their work it is often easier to see the working parts.

If you want to see more industrial locos, one of the largest collections is at the Embsay and Bolton Abbey in North Yorkshire near Skipton - see

By the way, the correct title of the Shildon exhibition is "Locomotion - the NRM at Shildon" .

John Webb
Interesting! A diesel with a reserve supply of coal on the running board!

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QUOTE (60134 @ 30 Sep 2008, 15:41) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Interesting! A diesel with a reserve supply of coal on the running board!

Damn - I was going to say that but you beat me to it. Nice photos and nice to see an industrial in use. Why oh why do neither Bachmann nor Hornby do a proper industrial tank?

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