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Model Rail Forum members may have alternative views to those expressed elsewhere. LisaP4 has indicated that the message is for a wide audience so its no real surprise that MRF members may have seen the post in other places.

As MRE has said previously, one of the best layouts he has seen that provided immense pleasure for the owner was one featuring a Deltic pulling a Lima Leopold Gun set through a desert full of palm trees during WW2.

Pure fantasy but ultimately very satisfying for the owner.

Railway modelling is all things to all men and what is important to one modeller may be less so to another.

There is no right and wrong way. Its whatever you enjoy doing that is the most important consideration.

We all admire superb EM/P4 exhibition layouts and behind these are a team of folk who have put 1000's of hours into creating a prototype railway line in miniture.

How many exhibition visitors would actually have the time to create such a layout at home?

This is where the ready to run manufacturers come in.

Happy modelling
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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