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00 Gauge 10 x 6 Shed Layout.

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Below are a few pic of my first layout. The only spave availible was my shed which I have spent the summer fixing up, extra felting & 3 coats of paint. The era is 1960's UK, baseboards are all portable so I can work on them inside the house if need be.

The Shed

The layout



Track plan

Feedback welcome
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Looks good - please keep us posted - like the idea of being able to take the baseboards inside for working on.
There's a lot to be said for keeping it simple in such a small space, I like this layout plan, and it should lead to a highly satisfactory layout. A nice concept to be able to remove the base boards as well.
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It would be of interest if the layout shown could broken down by listing if Set track, Ref number of each track and points used in this layout.
I've just had a thought you could do a return loop, using external track inside a weather proof box. You would only need a few feet at the back of the shed, and it would greatly enhance your operations. With this extra space you could even operate on two levels. Just a thought !
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Ihave to agree with MMaD, I think there are plenty of operational possibilities with the plan as shown, and his suggestion of an external loop would give the oppurtunity for further expansion into the garden.

I notice you haven't used any cross bracing although boards do look pretty sturdy are you going to put proper track joints in across the board junctions to avoid damaging trackwork when dismantling to bring indoors ?
If you wanted continuous running without a loop you could do this with an ECoS. By setting up terminus to terminus shuttle lines you no longer have to have a loop for unattended running. Just another option.
Any excuse to get another ECos on to a layout --- you should be ashamed of yourself. !!!!

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QUOTE (Makemineadouble @ 24 Sep 2007, 17:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Any excuse to get another ECos on to a layout --- you should be ashamed of yourself. !!!!

Don't knock it too much MMaD, I've actually had a few takers
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Ignoring the ECos suggestion for a bit and returning to the layout, actually loops both ends would work in nicely, and give you a good length of run as well. There are really many options to extend this design while remaining principally with the confines of the shed. I would remain with single track running on the outside sections. Also forget the ECos it's over kill for this type of layout.
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QUOTE (fordy361 @ 21 Sep 2007, 05:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The Shed
Feedback welcome

Well Bachmann have taken a few liberties haven't they? Wouldn't recognise it!
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Forgive me for perhaps stating the obvious, but if you're gonna leave your layout in the Shed for long periods during the Summer months, remember to leave a small gap between the Track joints, for the expansion. Seen the temperature inside my Garden shed reach 48C once of twice.
nice trackwork...flows nicely.

I would be inclined to panel the shed walls with insulation...foam sheets?

or..panel in with sheets of whatever, and pour insulation granules down between?

Sheets of insulation on the inside of the roof too?

but ensure ventilation gaps at wall top height?

At least, in this country, we dont have issues with termites!
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Talking about insulation, you may be interested to know that both Wickes and B&Q are selling 8ft by 4ft sheets of polystyrene insulation in various thicknesses. The 2" thick ones cost about £10 each. I have used two of these between the garage door and thick sheets of chipboard which I hope will be good enough insulation for my garage layout.

I assume from your description that you've done this to insulate an otherwise thin metal door which lets the heat out and the wind in.

If you use polystyrene anywhere else (sheet or granules) it is important to keep PVC insulated wires away from it - there is a long-term chemical reaction between the two plastics which will adversely affect the wiring.

John Webb
A bit more progress on the layout.


Point control

A bit of weathering with the airbrush.

View from the shed, down the garden
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What scale is the model railway at the end of the garden?
QUOTE (Robert Stokes @ 19 Oct 2007, 10:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>What scale is the model railway at the end of the garden?

I think its about 300mm = 1ft,

you should see the transformer for it !

He he he,
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