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00 Goathland

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Hornby Skaledale
Wood Composite material Engineering Brick Metal

Wood Road surface Fence Grass Asphalt

Wood Brick Plant Brickwork Flooring

Vehicle Tire Plant Building Window

Vehicle Wood Track Railway Motor vehicle

Road surface Automotive tire Plant Wood Asphalt

Window Building Wood Road surface Rolling stock

Car Vehicle Tire Window Building

Building Wood Asphalt Road surface Tree

Wood Grass Brick Landscape Gas
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Well what a wonderful set of photos - Will PM as some catching up hopefully.
Please continue posting again here Jaz - Great to see your skills back on here again !
Look forward to more posts / pics for sure .... Happy Modelling as Always, Cheers Norm
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Looks good. Thanks for posting.
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Hi again Jaz,
Again some simply stunning pics and the devil in the detail is amazing.
It provokes some many “how did you achieve that” type questions / requests for more information .... also the scope / range of subjects tackled in such detail can only be applauded ..... no doubt your previous great approach of “want to learn, experiment and continually to improve” remains key and comes across loud and clear.
Did have a search back on here, to find your 2021 updates, part of which during the then major redevelopment of Goathland, you posted a series of paired photos of model and reference pics, thought they were great tbh (* anyone not seen them - well worth a look / visit 🧐).
If you were up for it / had the time, some step by step guides on some key aspects or pics would be fantastic ...... ?
Thanks again for posting, Happy Modelling for now, Cheers Norm
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Brown Wood Rectangle Wood stain Metal
Optional roof other option below
Wood Gas Brick Motor vehicle Brickwork

Plant Window Leaf Building Wood

sat on the layout
Automotive tire Camera lens Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Cameras & optics

cottonbud and DCC powder on plastic cut to look like cracked glass added and looks dull and dusty, I took the plastic from a pack of bacon, waste not want not
Wood Gas Bumper Machine Font
The rusty tops are supposed to be wet so shiny finish, or you can keep the dirt finish I did first
Building House Wood Machine Window

Wood Gas Machine Room Scale model

I use watered down opaque colours usually mixed with white for faded finishes,then transparent paints for weathering green at bottom where algae gets a hold, black for soot DCC powders are go old here for a dirt finish dull and powdery being the exact look you need
i used thinned black before powders and dribble down like dirt, I often run clean water than touch the coloured paint into the water so it spreads like dirt on rain water
Product Tin Waste containment Gas Paint

colours in picture I did two options
Window Plant Building Wood Toy

the order messed up but a plastic hut off a turn table
Building Wood Gas House Bumper
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Hornby shed, Bachmann coal bunker. The shed in not too shabby, the coalbunker has detail but the paint job is a major let down

I used white mixed with gray for the old shed look, then sone transparent green at base for algae growth,
I used the same grey for the coal bunker but added black paint DCC concepts powders, some non shiny coal substitute and a rusty finish for the bunker top hatch
Plant Building Wood Land lot Grass

I dribbled thin black into the grooves for deep shadows, and a touch of white for serious fading, both model gave good detailing just benefit from a better paint job imo.


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Wow - Exactly Perfect Info ..... so good a reference 🧐
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hope these fit the bill.

In my opinion if you want a realistic look you have to consider each detailing aspect and attempt to get the best you can from it,
I update as much detailing as possible in order to get a more realistic look.

Hornby skips
Wood Ingredient Office supplies Kitchen utensil Metal

right the Hornby skip as bought
then I just added some brown transparent shades several times allowing to dry and redoing so colours overlap
Plant Road surface Wood Grass Building

Window Automotive tire Road surface Motor vehicle Vehicle

other goods similarly improved, fyi blue pallets depict hired pallets meant to be returned
Wood Road surface Asphalt Flooring Grass

with westhering
without weathering
Wheel Tire Wood Automotive tire Vehicle

Watercraft Wood Boat Automotive design Motor vehicle

I also updated sone of the junk, decided against any bright colours,as this is not a piece you concentrate on it’s a piece that you should not pay attention to - if it blends in
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I am not above making items if I cannot source them, bins Everyman and his dog makes those but binbags nobody, I had some made up modelling texture left over and it was due to dry out and garden so I thought…binbags
Wood Flooring Hardwood Wood stain Table

because why not, cut into small piece hand rolled and a cocktail stick for the indentations]
black is popular
Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Car

Car Tire Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Hood

Vertebrate Automotive tire Wood Grass Flooring

Plant Food Wood Fruit Table

orange for Sainsbury’s green for recycling,and colour to represent torn open…
Car Land vehicle Tire Vehicle Wheel
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Reverse order again…Hornby cheap 08
there are any number of good class 08s I own sone, but I wanted a weathering project so I bought a cheapie,look closely and you can see much is roughly hand painted I could have taken more time but I like quick returns
Automotive tire Track Wheel Rolling stock Mode of transport

I added black to the front grill, weathered the top
Train Toy Rolling stock Computer Personal computer

I added glazing glue for the windows I always get a circular centre as I turn it over adding more glue but taking the top off to add plastic sheet is fiddly and painting a window was fun, I applied with a lolly poppy stick one end curved the other end sharpened, the edges tend to be thicker then get thin towards the centre you can thicken the middle but so far not been impressed with that so just use as little as possible to get the job done
Train Toy Rolling stock Vehicle Rolling

missing detail,so I slapped some paint on
Train Rolling stock Wheel Toy Railroad car

some areas appear darker I s,ap water on add paint let dry repeat until happy, if wet stop or add dulcote or similar, if dry powder finish in similar colours DD Concepts powder works well here

usually when weathering I keep the project in the upright position imitating rain fall but I wanted extra depth so broke my own rule
Vehicle Rolling stock Automotive lighting Rolling Railway

a transparent orangey brown infers dirt and rust FYI nowadays I tend to download reference pictures as so fed up with not being able to show them, I ask when I can.
Train Wheel Rolling stock Vehicle Rolling

reference pictures to my mind are not optional, if you want to get the feel you need the real
Train Personal computer Laptop Peripheral Computer keyboard

that clunky joiner could go made but the point was go cheap so I left it dulled it down and in later photos hid it behind some scenic item

Computer Personal computer Laptop Touchpad Output device

on the work bench
Wheel Train Automotive design Motor vehicle Toy

as bought on the layout, can pass muster,but it was always going to be trashed
Train Vehicle Motor vehicle Rolling stock Automotive tire
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I first entered a weathering contest here and did a shocking job but as no great applicants I won a prize, and it sort of got me hooked, nothing is safe on the layout
Font Shipping box Packaging and labeling Carton Packing materials

as bought

reverse order,again

on layout
Water Plant Vehicle Motor vehicle Body of water

Plant Plant community Wood Motor vehicle Vegetation

I’m guessing someone will comment, they usually do lol

Plant Motor vehicle Leaf Vehicle Wood

foam and wood ‘grasses’ added

Self-propelled artillery Combat vehicle Motor vehicle Output device Computer

I recoloured the van I think it was maroon, blue and blue and white paint for a dead look
then plenty of transparent greens for build up of algae
dark brown for the paint flaked over and glue for the lumps were rust appears, thinned black transparent and opaque for dirt
Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Vehicle Van

Car Land vehicle Automotive parking light Vehicle Volkswagen type 2
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Wheel Vehicle Tire Motor vehicle Car

found earlier photos

reverse order
Hubs rusted dirtied, any grooves overlooked dirtied
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tire

roof needs work as well water would have pooled
Vehicle Motor vehicle Wheel Mode of transport Automotive exterior

Wheel Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Car

rust bucket
Wheel Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Car

reshaped the front with paint a new V
Train Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Train Wheel Motor vehicle Vehicle Tire

new blue and blue and white faded paint job
Wheel Vehicle Tire Train Motor vehicle

first some thickness for the flaking paint to sit on, glue
Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Vehicle Volkswagen type 2

Handed paint thick paint perfectly suit this so no thin finish required
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We also go off the reservation a lot as well lol, some forums are not amused
doing the conga…lDr Who style
if not appropriate just say
Temple Automotive tire Working animal Road surface Road

Building Window Toy Road surface Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

batman and Robin …only fools and horses style
Car Vehicle Land vehicle Wheel Window

Vehicle Window Motor vehicle Car Cloud

Tire Automotive parking light Land vehicle Wheel Vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Plant Window Building Vehicle Tree
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Thunderbirds are go….
you even get a loco or two
Green Yellow Toy Indoor games and sports Flooring

a figure

repainted and an old Thunderbirds toy at a suitable distance, and a fire cos you need a reason…
Water Fluvial landforms of streams Outdoor recreation Watercourse Boats and boating--Equipment and supplies

not certain why the boat got involved but hey ho

Water Boat Boats and boating--Equipment and supplies Vehicle Fluvial landforms of streams

Water Green Outdoor recreation Fluvial landforms of streams Boats and boating--Equipment and supplies

plus locos, I should do a Lady Penelope
Train Rolling stock Vehicle Track Electricity

Train Yellow Mode of transport Asphalt Rolling stock

Toy Gas Helmet Drinkware Waste containment

sorry it’s in reverse too lazy to upload photos one at a time
Green Blue Toy Pattern Recreation

the paint job
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Batman and Robin for got to show the figures
Wood Flooring Floor Hardwood Wood stain

base model well I had repainted but not for this
Wood Purple Floor Flooring Slope

blue y front smirks
Toy Wood Purple Flooring Floor

I have a cunning plan ( I should do him)

Art Wood Flooring Gas Sculpture

I needed a runner
and a nail file
Gas Automotive tire Circle Metal Fashion accessory

Art Wood Serveware Carmine Fashion accessory

Paint Recipe Art Ingredient Pottery

Automotive tire Gas Kitchen appliance Automotive wheel system Electric blue
Toy Gas Plastic Machine Fictional character

just don’t post close ups…faints.
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Hi Nice work but I have to say the VW very unlikely scenario these days very much sought after vehicles no matter what condition and fetching big money :D Is Batman and Robin the real deal or is it Del boy and Rodders :unsure: Any how good stuff. Jim
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Hi Nice work but I have to say the VW very unlikely scenario these days very much sought after vehicles no matter what condition and fetching big money :D Is Batman and Robin the real deal or is it Del boy and Rodders :unsure: Any how good stuff. Jim
As Batman is fat and short, not taller than Robin with a six pack, definitely Del Boy :D
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VW another with reference photo

Car Wheel Vehicle Tire Hood


going red
Car Tire Vehicle Land vehicle Wheel

Car Land vehicle Vehicle Wheel Motor vehicle

no nope not ripping out light and tyres…faints

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

Tire Wheel Computer Peripheral Personal computer

adding sunshades

Car Land vehicle Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle

Car Vehicle Wheel Plant Hood
Car Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

scale 1:43 not my usual 00 1:76, but on the 00 layout

Tire Car Vehicle Plant Hood

birch seed = leaves


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