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Hiy all
My name is Graham
I am in the designed stage of my layout, I have a room of 11'x10', there is a corner with two doors in, a removable section will required here

I'm looking at twin track main line
50's - 60's steam
Station to take 5 cars + Loco
Coal mine
Canal & locks

Here are my ideas so far. i want to get as much track in as poss, i have a my storage on a lower level with helix to give about 1' between levels.
any ideas will be taken on-board


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Hi Graham & welcome to MRF.

Looks like a lot of operational interest with your plans - like the use of a helix to gain access to underboard storage.

I'm sure others will be along soon with their comments - be sure to keep us informed of progress please.

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Welcome frolly,

You haven't half picked a layout for a first try!!

You need to consider if this layout will keep you enthusiasm going, a topic, wierdly enough, I spoke to my brother about just yesterday.

He has a layout in his loft which he thought would satisfy his needs, but complications during building and the thought of redesigning at that stage put him off, and whilst he maybe regaining some enthusiasm now, it is nowhere near how it started out.

I should say now that my comments from here on are as an analyst of your design, so please don't think I'm ripping your design to shreds or that you must change anything.

Am I to presume you are modelling OO, the the numbers on the side of the diagram are in feet and that the tracks top left and bottom right lead to the sidings?

Are you sure you want all the sidings the same way round? Perhaps by turning the 'middle' sidings round you will create a shunting area that will not require mainline shunting moves. Shunting wagons on and off the main line stops the through passage of trains untill you have finished.

The problem with 'as much track as possible' is that it can turn into a bad thing, rather than solving any problems or providing entertainment. The term 'less is more' would be wrong in this case but there is a line that you should draw between too much and too little. Only you can decide if it is too much, afterall, it is your layout and you have to build it and 'play' with it.

The best place for the station would appear to be bottom right or top left but you may have to adjust slightly for the length you want.

You may also want to think about what the turntable will be turning. If it is freight locos from the yard it will end up a pain in the rear end to get them there. If it is for terminating trains then it would be less annoying but you would have to consider the benefits of DCC or isolating track in relation to the loco that pulled the train in.

I do like the design, I think it shows you have thought about what you want to have rather than coming up with a design and choosing what to use it for, which is usually how mine start!! hehe.

Good luck with it and I hope you achieve the layout you want. You should definately keep us updated. Its good to see someone getting a layout built and often provides impotus to get our own layouts done.

Now where did I put that point motor?...............

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thanks for your input,

I am now looking at the coal mine shunting area in the hope of confining the shunting to the yard avoiding the main line...
think I'm going to use a 2 way slip, it appears to be the best method space wise.

I am a Little stuck for space, thats the reason for the loco yard being squeezed into the corner, the system is DCC so this will make life easier.I'

ll post the revised plan as soon as i can,
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