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thinking of making a welsh mine layout and was wondering if this is the right scale to use..

I have just seen on ebay 009 scale and was wondering if anyone has any comments and thoughts on this,
Does it run on the standard transformer system ect

And has anyone got any idea where i can get some stuff from ? i dont want to spend much on it at moment and was wondering if anyone has any places where can get cheap items from for this scale

Any help is appretiated
Thanks all
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009 has a scale of 1:76.2 and is modelled at 4 mm/ft.

HOe has a scale of 1:87.1 and is modelled at 3.5 mm/ft.

Both use 9mm track. These are both a little over scale for 2 ft gauge track - that is used up in Wales.

HOn2 has a scale of 1:87.1 and is modelled at 3.5 mm/ft and uses 6mm Z scale track. This fits in to the 2 ft gauge, but can be tricky to model.

There are many 009/HOe models around and some fine kits of the Welsh rolling stock. Most people just accept that its not perfect. Hey the OO/HO brigade (myself included) are quite happy with our out of scale track and trains.
It also depends on the level of detail you wish to have and how much space you have got for a layout.

I started some years ago in 009 and was very happy with it.
The kits from Parkside are very simple and easy to construct.
Again Parkside do some kits too for locos.

Then I discovered 7mm narrow gauge which is 7mm to the foot but runs on 00 track.
I converted to this a few years back as the detail is much better and has a better presence on the eye.
People like Wrightlines do loads of 7mm narrow gauge kits.

Now that Slaters have moved into the market I am moving up to 16mm Narrow gauge which runs on O gauge track and is superior in detail given by the bigger scale.

Problem is the costs go up, 009 loco is maybe around £50 now. 7mm loco kits start at around £60-70, but 16mm locos are roughly £300 plus. And if you want to run lengthy slate trains you need to think about wagon costs too. But if you go to a swapmeet you may get some secondhand bargains there.

I have been into Narrow gauge for many years so if you want a chat off line from the forum for advice or whatever by all means please email me. I could send you pictures of some of my models to give you some ideas. Plus I maybe selling some which may interest you.

All the best.

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Thanks for your fast reply, has anyone got any links where i can get cheap locos and rolling stock from and can i just confirm that 009 runs on N track.
A Track gauge of 9mm (assuming scale is 4mm to the foot) would be equal to 2ft 3".

009 Is a great scale, I bought a 009 Bogie wagon from porthmadog and love it
! I have yet to kitbash it a little and add "SDR 57" to it.
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